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Ready! Geotechnical risk and environmental impact: the stability of phosphogypsum embankments in SW Spain

    I. Valverde-Palacios, I. Valverde-Espinosa , R. Fuentes and M. Martín-Morales

Ready! Subsurface Study Using 2-D Resistivity Imaging Method for Meteorite Impact at Bukit Bunuh, Perak

    Rosli Saad et al.

Ready! Forecast the Working Face Underground Pressure Using Grey Model Improved by the Genetic Algorithm

    Ping Tang

Ready! Forecasting of Uplift Pile Displacement by Soft Computing Based on Cone Penetration Test (CPT) Data

    Armin Kashkooli and Hossein Salehzadeh

Ready! Comparing the Results of Numerical Analysis and Monitoring about the Behavior of Cracks Occurred Nearby Soil-Nailing Walls

    Mehran Akhavan, Soheil Ghareh, and Ma’ssoumeh Bemani Naeini

Ready! A Study of Wind-blown Sand Stabilization in Hormozgan

    Khadijeh Moosavi and Behzad Kalantari

Ready! Improving Load Bearing Capacity of Wind-blown Sand Using Ordinary Portland Cement

    Khadijeh Moosavi and Behzad Kalantari

Ready! A Fuzzy Model for High-Speed Railway Tunnel Convergence Prediction in Weak Rock

    Amoussou Coffi Adoko, Qing-Jun Zuo, and Li Wu

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