Response Study of Underground Pipes Due to Varying Impact of Surface Accidental Explosions


Akinola Johnson Olarewaju

Civil Engineering Department, School of Engineering, Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, P.M.B. 50, ILARO, Ogun State, NIGERIA





Accidental explosions can create sufficient tremors to damage aboveground and substructures over a wide area. In this study, effects of varying degrees and impact of surface accidental explosions on buried pipes were observed. Steel and concrete pipes buried in loose sand, dense sand and undrained clay at 1m depth below the ground surface were modelled. Load parameters due to surface accidental explosions were determined for various explosives ranging from 10kg TNT to 250kg TNT using Unified Facilities Criteria (2008). Analysis was carried out on simulated models using time integrated techniques in ABAQUS/Explicit, a finite element numerical code. Observed parameters at the crown, invert and spring-line of buried pipes are displacement, pressure, stress and strain. From the results, remarkable response was observed at surface accidental explosion loads magnitude (either side-on overpressure or peak reflected pressure) of 10kPa and above. For explosion generating pressure loads of less than 10kPa, no response was observed in the pipes buried in the ground media considered.

Keywords: Surface Accidental Explosion; Underground;; Pipes; Response, Pressure Loads; Explosives.

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