In-situ Tests and Three-Dimensional FEM Analysis of Dynamic Compaction Effects of High Filled Embankment


Xu Ping

School of Water Environment, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou,
Henan 450001, China



One high embankment filled with broken rock fragments and gravels in Henan Province of China was taken as an engineering example, the construction technology of dynamic compaction with energy of 1000 kN?m and filled layer thickness of 1.5m was put forward, the in-situ test results of geological radar, Rayleigh waves, heavy dynamic penetration and solid volume ratio show that the dynamic compaction is a better and feasible method for the high embankment filled with broken rock fragments and gravels. The FEM software of ABAQUS was adopted, dynamic compaction was simulated by taking the heavy hammer as a rigid body and assign the heavy a vertical initial velocity, the effective compaction range can be judged by the vertical displacement of 20mm according to the conclusion from ground radar, and finally dynamic compaction on the embankment with a culvert was simulated, which reveals that the depth of embankment upper culvert must be larger than 8.0 m for safe dynamic compaction.

Keywords: Dynamic compaction; High Filled embankment; In-situ tests; FEM simulation.

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