Effect of the Spatial Variation of the Shear Modulus on Soil Liquefaction Potential


Fatima Ayad

RISAM Laboratory, Aboubekr Belkaid University Tlemcen Algeria
e-mail: f_ayad@ymail.com

Abdelmalek Bekkouche, Youcef Houmadi

University Center of Ain Temouchent, BP 284 (46000) Algeria



Soil liquefaction is at the origin of major damage caused by an earthquake, both human lives lost as well as material losses. Several authors have studied soil liquefaction using deterministic and probabilistic methods. In this paper we study the effect of variation of the shear modulus on soil response defined by the excess pore pressure ratio (ru). Shear modulus is modeled by a log-normal random field, while discretization of the field is done using Karhunen Loève method. Finn deterministic model of liquefaction is modeled using the finite difference software Flac 3D. The results show that the spatial variation of soil properties has a significant impact on the excess pore pressure ratio.

Keywords: Probability, liquefaction, Monte Carlo simulation (MCS), Flac 3D

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