Geothermal Power Plant Investment Evaluation Study
Case: Indonesia


Fuadi Arif Nasution

ST, M.Eng Bina Nusantara University or +62 816995243



Indonesia as an island country and has more than 28,000 MW (NGAI 2010) geothermal potential still facing problem due to low electrification rate which is only at level 66%. To address this issue, the government of Indonesia issuing several Policies that give legal basis for geothermal to produce electricity and expected to attract private investors to participate.

Keywords: ive of the paper is to develop different scenarios to assess attractiveness of geothermal investment in Indonesia. Those scenarios are for instance state-owned modeling projects, private sectors modeling projects and external additional income in term of carbon values were imposed for both scenarios. For investment evaluation, further analysis was conducted to check sensitivity analysis with usage of NPV and IRR as parameter analysis. The comparison results could be found in Table 7 page 8 in content of the paper.

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