Display-Kinetics-Based Mechanism Research of Light Dynamic Penetration to Test Coarse Sand in Bridge and Culvert Backfilling


Lv Jianbing1,2,a Liu Yangshao2,b

1: Department of Civil Engineering, Central South University, Changsha, China
2: Guangdong Hualu Transportation and Communication Technique; Ltd.; Guangzhou
a,l: jbzh@126.com b: lys@163.com



Based on the model test of bridge and culvert sand compactness , the kinetic mechanism between the light penetration and the coarse sand is simulated to obtain the strain and stress rules of coarse sand in different depth of the driller. Therefore, the coarse sand mechanism in light penetration test is analyzed based on display kinetics, which can be served as a reference in construction rule making and technology test.

Keywords: bridge and culvert; light dynamic penetration; model test; display kinetics; mechanism research

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