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Ready! Influence of Surface Texture on the Interface Shear Capacity of Landfill Liner

    Faisal Ali, Firas A. Salman, and Sumathi Subramaniam

Ready! Stabilization of Residual Soils Using Liquid Chemical

    Faisal Ali

Ready! Influence of Textile Effluent Waste Water on Compacted Lateritic Soil

    F.O.P. Oriola and A. Saminu

Ready! The Atterberg Limits Resolution Using Seismic Refraction Method

    Rosli Saad

Ready! Limit Equilibrium Analysis for the Relationships Among Slope c,f and Slip Surface

    Hang Lin and Ping Cao

Ready! Identification of Contact Zone using 2D Imaging Resistivity with EHR technique

    M.M. Nordiana, Rosli Saad, Nur Azwin Ismail, and Nisa’ Ali

Ready! Characteristics of Subsurface Materials: Integration of Seismic Refraction, 2-D Resistivity Imaging and Geotechnical Borehole Logs

    M.M. Nordiana et al.

Ready! Influence of Polypropylene Fibers on The Compressive Strength of Windblown Sand-Cement Mortar

    Pardis Parto and Behzad Kalantari


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