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Ready! Effective Shear Strength Parameters of Remoulded Residual Soil

    Asmaa Gheyath Salih

Ready! Geotechnical Approach to Earthen Architecture Durability by Cyclic Freeze and Thaw Test

    Hu-yuan Zhang, Tian-yu Zhao and others

Ready! A Non-Linear Fluid-solid Coupling Mechanical Model Study for Paleokarst Collapse Breccia Pipes Under Erosion Effect

    Bang-hua Yao, Xian-biao Mao, Kai Zhang, and Wei Cai

Ready! Experimental Study of Armor Stone Diameter in Stability of Berm Breakwater

    Khosrow Bargi, Hassan Jafarian, and Ali Motallebi

Ready! Optimization of Pipe Roof Reinforcement Applied In Tunnel Construction Under Complex Conditions

    Haitao Wang

Ready! Multi-parameter On-line Monitoring Test System of Landfill Pollutants Transport

    Liu Lei, Xue Qiang, Wang Jing, Ma Shi-jin, and Zhao Ying

Ready! Soil-Root Interaction and Effects on Slope Stability Analysis

    N. Ali, I. Farshchi, M.A. Mu’azu, and S.W. Rees

Ready! Influence of material dilation angle onstability of homogeneous slope with surcharge load

    Hang Lin and Ping Cao

Ready! Slope Hazard Assessment in Urbanized Area

    Low Tian Huat and Faisal Ali

Ready! 2D Resistivity Method to Investigate an Archaeological Structure in Jeniang, Kedah

    Norhidayahti Binti Mohd. Muztaza, M. Mokhtar Saidin, Rosli Saad, and M.M. Nordiana

Ready! Infinite Slope Stability Analysis for Unsaturated Granular Soils

    Anuchit Uchaipichat

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