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Ready! Channeling Flow Occurring with Plastic Failure of Mudstone Interlayer in Low Permeability Reservoir

    Liu Jianjun, Li Quanshu, and Pei Guihong

Ready! Numerical Approach for the Mechanical Behavior of Fully Grouted Anchorage System Subjected to Pullout Test

    Dunhua Lu

Ready! Railway Network Vulnerability from Natural Disasters and Necessity of Their Management System Implementation (A case study: I.R.Iran)

    Gholam Ali Shafabakhsh, Ehsan Kashi, and Mohsen Sadeghi

Ready! Numerical Investigations of Water Transport Response in The Valley-Type MSW Landfill Subjected To Various Rainfall Patterns

    Zhanhong Qiu, Chen Yunmin, Zhu Bingjian, Chen Helong, and He Chunmu

Ready! Evaluating the Effects of Liquefaction on Buried Gas Pipelines

    Seyed Mojtaba Alavi and Khosrow Bargi

Ready! Numerical Shear Test on Reinforced Clayey Sand

    Amin Chegenizadeh and Hamid Nikraz

Ready! Soil Stabilization with Rice Husk Ash (RHA) and Lime

    Arghadeep Biswas

Ready! Ground Behaviour Around a Tunnel Using Various Soil Models

    Eshagh Namazi, et al.

Ready! Web Based Real Time Monitoring System Along North-South Expressway, Malaysia

    Low Tian Huat, Faisal Ali, Abdul Rahim Osman, and Norisam Abdul Rahman

Ready! Plate Load Test on Fiber-Reinforced Cohesive Soil

    Rabindra Kumar Kar, Pradip Kumar Pradhan, and Ashutosh Naik

Ready! Effect of Polypropylene Fiber on Engineering Properties of Rice Husk Ash Lime Stabilised Expansive Soil

    Akshaya Kumar Sabat


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