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Ready! Statistical Models for Prediction of Swelling Pressure of a Stabilised Expansive Soil

    Akshaya Kumar Sabat

Ready! An Investigation on the Effect of Particle Breakage on Rockfill Constitutive Parameters

    Hossein Bazazzadeh, Farzin Kalantary and Adel Asakereh

Ready! Effects of Loose Sand and Dense Sand on the Response of Underground Empty Pipes due to Accidental Explosions by Simulation

    Akinola Johnson Olarewaju

Ready! Complex Multi-Segment Sliding Surface Search Method on Stability Analysis of Two-Dimensional Irregular Slope

    Suping Luo, Lianheng Zhao, Dongping Deng, and Liang Li

Ready! Mosque Grey Water Quality in Sana'a, Yemen

    Mohammed Hasan Al-Mughalles et al.

Ready! Failure of Cemented Soil under Decreasing Effective Stress

    Sudheesh Thiyyakkandi

Ready! Effect of Soil Suction on the Compressibility and Strength of North-Eastern Nigerian Black Cotton Soil

    Oluwapelumi O. Ojuri

Ready! A New Model for Settlement Process of Closed Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

    Wang, Wei

Ready! Experimental Study of Time-dependent Porosity of Granular Broken Sandstone

    Shun-cai Li, Zhan-qing Chen, and Yu Liu

Ready! Numeric Solution of Non-Steady Flow in Single-Fan Mine Ventilation Network

    Wei Zou, Shuguang Jiang, and Zhengyan Wu

Ready! Slope Stability Analysis for Remediation Projects Along the Catanduanes Circumferential Road Network System

    Dexter M. Toyado


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