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Ready!The Study of Iron Ore Prospect using 2-D Resistivity and Induced Polarization (IP) Method

    Rosli Saad*, Imran Adli, and Ahmad Sayful Mohamad

Ready!A New Fractal Constitutive Model for Unsaturated Flow in Fractured Hard Rocks

    Guoping Jiang*, Yongfeng Du, and Weijun Tao

Ready!Manning Coefficients for Some Selected Soils of Gidan Kwano with Existing Values

    Musa, J. J.*, Adewumi, J. K., and Ohu, J.

Ready!The Strap-down Automatic Vertical Drilling System Design and Field Applications

    Xue Qilong*, Wang Ruihe, Huang Leilei, Sun Feng, and Han Laiju

Ready!Crack Initiation Direction in Rock under Coupled Static and Dynamic Load

    Xingguang Liu, Zhizhen Zhang*, Yang Cui, and Feng Gao

Ready!Study on the Mechanical Properties of Discontinuity under Shearing

    Li Hualuan

Ready!An Algorithm for the Propagation of Uncertainty in Soils using the Discrete Element Method

    Viet D.H. Tran, Mohamed A. Meguid*, and Luc E. Chouinard

Ready!Mechanical Model for Immediate Roof Structure of Thin Bedrock in Fully-Mechanized Sublevel Caving Face

    Feng Du*, Haibo Bai

Ready!The Critical Center Distance for Surface Settlement Trough of Parallel Two Tunnels from Single Peak to Two Peaks

    Yuan Hai-qing*, Li Kai, and Chen Wei

Ready!Influence of the Degradation on the Stress Cracking Values of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Geomembranes After Different Exposures

    Fernando Luiz Lavoie, Benedito de Souza Bueno, and Paulo CÚsar Lodi*

Ready!Three-Dimensional Fracture Analysis in Gravity Ocean Platforms

    Nan Liu*, Yinbang Wang, Xin Wang, and Yingjie Yang

Ready!Damage Identification of Cantilever Retaining Wall Based on Modal Mean Curvature Difference

    Li-biao Liu*, Yong-xing Zhang, Jian-gong Chen, and Peng Jia

Ready!Analysis of Plane P Waves Scattered by a Fluid-filled Arbitrary Cavity

    Xu Ping

Ready!The Catastrophe Analysis of Surrounding Rock Landslides for Subsea Tunnel on Fault Zone

    Xie Li-Zhao*, Wang Xing-hua, Zhang Min, Li Zhi-lin

Ready!Mechanical Effects of Groundwater on Landslide with Different Penetration in the Three Gorges Reservoir when the Reservoir Water Level Falls

    Dapeng Zhu*, Echuan Yan, and Lu Huang

* Corresponding Author


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