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Ready!Stability Analysis of Kelau Earth-Fill Dam Design under Main Critical Conditions

    Mohd Ashraf Mohd Ismail, Soon Min Ng*, and Eng Keat Gey

Ready!Prediction of Shear Strength Parameters of Two Rockfill Materials

    Yeshpal Vasistha, Ashok Kumar Gupta*, and Varinder Kanwar

Ready!In-situ Tests and Three-Dimensional FEM Analysis of Dynamic Compaction Effects of High Filled Embankment

    Xu Ping*

Ready!Geothermal power plant investment evaluation study case: Indonesia

    Fuadi Arif Nasution*

Ready!Reduce and Stop Water Accident of the Working Face by Grouting Cement Mud to the Near Fault

    Xu Ping* and Tie Ying

Ready!Effect of the Spatial Variation of the Shear Modulus on Soil Liquefaction Potential

    Fatima Ayad*, Abdelmalek Bekkouche, and Youcef Houmadi

Ready!Optimum Mix of Modified Sludge Used in Landfill Closure Cover System Based on the Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process

    Ying Zhao*, Yi-jun Chen, and Lei Liu

Ready!Geotechnical Characterization of Structurally Complex Formations: Advanced Laboratory Testing

    Mariacristina Bonini*

Ready!Electrical Resistivity and Induced Polarization Data Correlation with Conductivity for Iron Ore Exploration

    Andy A. Bery*, Rosli Saad, Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Mark Jinmin, I.N. Azwin, Norsalkini Mohd Akip Tan, and M.M. Nordiana

Ready!One-dimensional Experiment Research on Vacuum Degree Transmission Law in Unsaturated Soil

    Feng Huang* and Guihe Wang

Ready!Thermo-gravimetric Analysis (TGA) after Different Exposures of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Geomembranes

    Paulo César Lodi* and Benedito de Souza Bueno

Ready!Geothermal Power Plant Investment Evaluation Study Case: Indonesia

    Fuadi Arif Nasution*

Ready!Study on Bolt’s Anchoring System Based on Wavelet Analysis

    Jun-qiang Hu*, Yong-xing Zhang, and Jian-gong Chen

Ready!Thin Bedrock Coal Seam Overlying Rock Failure Mechanism under the Influence of the Depositional Environment

    Feng Du and Haibo Bai

Ready!The Hamed Niroumand 2012 Volume

    Hamed Nourimand et al.

* Corresponding Author


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