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Ready!Numerical Simulations of Compressive Tests on Bimrock

    Monica Barbero*, Mariacristina Bonini, and Mauro Borri-Brunetto

Ready!Deformation Mechanism and Trend Research on a Creep Landslide in Sichuan Province of China

    Guo Yufei*, Yao Leihua, Zhou Pinggen, and Han Bing

Ready!Second Development of Hardening Soil Constitutive Model in FLAC3D

    Zhao-hua Jiang* and Yong-xing Zhang

Ready!Tear Propagation of Spun-bonded Nonwoven Geotextiles at Repeated Bursting Pressure Cycle

    Das, Apurba*, Krishnasamy, J., and Alagirusamy, R.

Ready!Display-Kinetics-Based Mechanism Research of Light Dynamic Penetration to Test Coarse Sand in Bridge and Culvert Backfilling

    Lv Jianbing* and Liu Yangshao

Ready!Permeability Study on Geomembranes in Cofferdam Structure Based on the Fluid-Solid Coupling Mechanism

    Xiaoyang Rong* and Mudan Guo

Ready!Inversion Analysis on Critical Moisture and Flow Velocity Formula of Debris Flow Based on Physical Simulation Test

    Dapeng Zhu*, Qiduo He, and Shier Dong

Ready!Correlations to Assess Compaction Characteristics of Local Silty Clay Soil-Fly Ash Mixes

    Tanaya Deb* and Sujit Kumar Pal

Ready!Modeling Used Engine Oil Impact on the Compaction and Strength Characteristics of a Lateritic Soil

    Oluwapelumi, O. Ojuri* and Omotayo, O. Ogundipe

Ready!Dynamic Responses of Shallow Buried Structures Subjected to Incident P and SV Waves I: One Lining

    Xu Ping*

Ready!Dynamic Responses of Shallow Buried Structures Subjected to Incident P and SV Waves II: Two Linings

    Xu Ping*

Ready!Computational Accuracy Impact Factors of Slope Stability Safety Factor and Finite Element Strength Reduction Method

    Zegen Wang and Xiaoyong Jiang*

Ready!A Prediction Model for Train-Induced Track Vibrations

    Pham-Ngoc Thach* and Gang-Qiang Kong

Ready!Stability Study of Surrounding Rock with Model Test and Numerical Simulation for Highway Tunnel in Multi-cavern Area

    Rao Jun-ying*, Liu Yun-si, Yin Quan

Ready!The Rosli Saad 2012 Volume

    Rosli Saad et al.

* Corresponding Author


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