Analysis of Isolation Effects about Elastic Waves by Discontinuous Barriers Composed of Rigid Piles


Ping Xu

School of Water Environment, Zhengzhou University, Zhengzhou, Henan 450001, China



The lengths of the rigid piles are much larger than the diameters, so the isolation problem about P and SV waves by discontinuous barriers composed of several rows of rigid piles can be simplified as a 2-dimensional scattering problem. The conformal mapping method of complex functions and expansion method of wave functions are adopted, no displacements are supposed in the rigid piles and the displacements of the soils are zero at the interfaces between the soils and rigid piles, and then the theoretical solutions are obtained about this 2-dimensional scattering problem. Normalized displacements are introduced, which are the displacements behind the barriers caused by both the incident and scattered waves to those only by the incident waves, and contours of the normalized displacements for incident P and SV waves are drawn, the influence of row number and incident wave characteristics on the isolation effects are analyzed, and these studies would provide some references for the vibration isolation design where open trench or in-filled trench are inconvenient for construction.

Keywords: Discontinuous barriers, rigid piles, isolation effects, normalized displacements, vibration isolation design

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