Energy-absorbing of Porous Rock Investigated Under Impact Loading


Lili Huang and Wei Shi

Ningbo polytechnic, Ningbo, Zhejiang 315800 China



The energy-absorbing ability of porous rock is a important data of impact resistant. The dissipation of energy in the porous rock are obtained in this paper .The influence of the porosity of the rock on energy dissipation was also investigated. The stress-strain curves in sandstone of different impact velocities were obtained by the one-dimensional stress wave theory with the SHPB experiment. The results of measurements indicate that the semiconductor strain gauges can be used to get the vivid signals of the weak transmission strain-pulse. The experimental results also indicate that rock porosity plays an important role in the energy dissipation process and the energy dissipation increases with the porosity increasing.

Keywords: SHPB; energy-absorbing; Strain gauges; Experiments; Material

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