Excavation Simulation of Opencut Mining Slope Containing Goaf Based On Refined Three-Dimensional Geological Model With SURPAC and FLAC3D


JIANG Xue-liang1,2,a, YANG Hui1,b, Wen Chang-ping1,c

1: School of Civil Engineering and mechanics, Central South University of Forestry and Technology, ChangSha 410004 China
2: School of Civil Engineering, Hunan City University, Yiyang 413000, China
e-mail: aiamjxl@tom.com, b: yanghui-dd@163.com c: urbanwen@163.com



The stability of slope and goaf are controlled by many influence factors and their excavation processes are a key factor under certain circumstances. Although the studies of slope or cavern stability have achieved many research findings, the interaction of slope and goaf has rarely researched. FLAC3D is a three-dimensional explicit  finite difference program and it is very fit to solving nonlinearity and large deformation problems. SURPAC is a mine software system which can build refined three-dimensional geological model through its own modeling tools. In this paper, the SURPAC-FLAC3D coupled model of slope and goaf was built through own compiled connection program. According to the strength reduction principle, the safety factor of model was defined and the failure criterion of slope and goaf was proposed. In safety factor calculation, the dichotomy in optimization theory was adopted. The goaf A of Wenfu phosphorite mine was regarded as research example and the interaction mechanism and stability of goaf and slope was analyzed in slope excavation process. The results of these analyses show that the SURPAC-FLAC3D coupled model and strength reduction technique work together quite effectively.

Keywords: Excavation simulation; Interaction of open-cut mining slope and goaf; Refined three-dimensional geological model; Coupled model of SURPAC and FIAC3D; Strength reduction principle and technique

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