Experimental Research on the Relation of Rock AE and Energies Consumed


Liang Zhong-yu1,2, Chen Zhan-qing1, Gao Feng1, Liu Yu1

1 State Key Laboratory For Geomechanics&Deep Underground Engineering, CUMT, Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, 221008, China
2 Department of Basic Courses, Military Traffic Institute, Tianjin, 300161, China



Acoustic emission signal, which is produced in the process of rock damage and deformation, is important reflecting the internal variety of rock. Acoustic emission technique is one of the most important means of studying rock damage and fracture currently. Experimental research and theoretical analysis of red sandstone mechanical characteristics are carried out under normal temperature by using MTS815 and PAC DISP-II acoustic emission instruments. Acoustic emission characteristics and mechanical mechanism in the process of rock deformation and damage are analyzed systematically, A good agreement is achieved of acoustic emission signal and energy consumption and the acoustic emission parameters and energy consume of the relationship between empirical formula is also given exploratory, which accumulated experience in this research for the future.

Keywords: rock mechanics; acoustic emission (AE); sensor; signal analyze; Energies Consumed.

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