Effect of the Fluid Weight on the Liquefaction Potential Around a Marine Pipeline Using CVFEM


Saman Soleimani Kutanaei*, Asskar Janalizadeh Choobasti

Department of Civil Engineering, Babol University of Technology, Babol, IRAN, P.O.Box 484



studied numerically using the Control Volume Based Finite Element Method (CVFEM). Various governing parameters are taken into account, namely the permeability of the soil coefficient (), deformation module (), pipeline diameter () and the weight of the fluid inside the pipeline. To validate the present work, the obtained results are compared with the analytical solution in one-dimensional case and with the previous works for two-dimensional case. The comparison reveals an excellent agreement between the obtained results of this work and the ones exist in the literature.

Keywords: liquefaction, Gas pipeline, excess pore pressure, oil pipeline

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