Axisymmetric Torsional Dynamics Response of Initially Deformed Pile Foundation


Wentao Hu1,2 Tangdai Xia1,2 Zhijun Liu1,2 Weiyun Chen1,2

1 Key Laboratory of Soft Soils and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Ministry of Education, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, 310058, P. R. C.



By utilizing the linearized theory of small elastic perturbation superposed on largely stressed bodies, the influence of initial strain state on the torsional response of soil in initially compressed pile foundation is investigated. The incremental mechanical relations of the materials are concerned. The analytical expressions are worked out by separate variable method. The numerical results of the influence of the axially initial deformation of the foundation on dynamic response of pile and soil medium are presented and discussed.

Keywords: small on large theroy, torsional dynamic response, end bearing pile.

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