Effect of Saline Water on Geotechnical Properties of Fine-grained Soil


Rassoul Ajalloeian

Associate Professor
The University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
e-mail: rasajl@sci.ui.ac.ir

Hadiseh Mansouri

M.Sc. Engineering Geology
The University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran
e-mail: hadis_geo2000@yahoo.com

Amir Hossein Sadeghpour

Ph.D. Student of Civil Engineering
The university of Kashan & Ghods-niroo Consultant Engineers Co., Iran
e-mail: sadeghpour@kashanuac.ir.com



In this research, the effect of water salinity on geotechnical properties of fine grained soil used in Korchay dam core have been studied. This dam is located in Northwestern of Iran. The water samples were obtained from half saline water of Ajichay river and saline water of Korchay branch. In the laboratory, several tests such as Atterberg limits, compaction, consolidation, direct shear and dispersion (pinhole and chemical) were done with distilled, half saline and saline water. Since there are a few percent of active clay minerals in the soil, changes in geotechnical properties of the soil are not considerable. However the results showed the Atterberg limits, compression index and swelling index decrease and consolidation coefficient and shear strength parameters increase as pore water salinity increases. In comparison with distilled water the effect of saline water on consolidation test under high pressures is not consideration. Also the results of dispersion tests showed that there is no dispersion in soil in contact with saline water.

Keywords: Water Salinity, clayey soil, dam core, Geotechnical characteristics, dispersity

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