Numerical Simulation of Casing Failure Based on Fluid-Solid Coupling in Water-flooding Development Reservoir


Wang Guanglei

College of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China), Qingdao 266580, China



Casing damage is a difficult technical problem, which severely restricts the efficient development of low-permeability reservoirs. Firstly, the cause of casing failure is studied and the results show that casing damage is closely related to seepage field changes. Shear failure damage, tensile damage and extrusive damage are all induced by seepage. Secondly, based on fluid-solid coupling theory, a calculation model of seepage fields and deformation field is established, the law of reservoir deformation and casing stress distribution is simulated in the process of injection-production. The results show an imbalance of effective stress field is easily produced near the fault and the lateral displacement of formation is increased, which causes casing failure. It is necessary to adopt high anti-collapsing ability casing to prevent casing damage near the fault.

Keywords: Casing damage; complex fault block reservoirs; anti-collapsing ability; injection-production

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