Construction Method of Metro Tunnel Crossing the Existing Railway


Liu Hui-jun

Study in central south university

Wang Xiao-feng
Li Shuai-shuai

Study in central south university Changsha Construction Science Research Institute, Changsha 410011, China School of Civil Engineering, Central South University, Changsha 410075, China Funding project: Hunan natural science foundation (2012GK3005); Chang



Based on the shield construction of Changsha metro line 1 that crossing the Beijing-Guangzhou railway, using numerical software MIDAS GTS for simulation calculation, analyzing strata displacement caused by the subway shield tunnel drive and the influence on deformation because of the existence of pile foundation. The results show that shield tunnel construction loads to effect that the top sinks while bottom hunch-up. And reinforcing railway with method lifting lintel through vertical and horizontal can effectively weaken the effect and can be conducive to the stability of the soil.

Keywords: Numerical simulation; Shield driven; vertical and horizontal lifting beam; horizontal displacement; settlement; axial force of pile shaft

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