Analysis on the Degree of Consolidation Based on Measured Settlements


Wei Zhang

Shandong Vocational Polytechnic College of Water Resources, Rizhao City, Shandong Province, 276826, China

Xu-feng Wang

Zhejiang Guangchuan Engineering Consulting Co.,Ltd, Hangzhou City,
Zhejiang Province, 310020, China
e-mail: 31514691



In situ monitoring plays an important role in the construction organization as one part of the information on construction. In the study reported in this paper we used three different methods namely the hyperbolic method, exponent method and Asaoka method. These methods are used to analyze the effect of the foundation treatment to forecast the final settlement and calculate the average degree of consolidation of the foundation through the in situ observation of foundation treatment. The study was done as part of an airport expansion project. At the same time this paper proposed one simplified calculation model based on the measured settlement and the stage loading method by Zeng Guoxi then calculated the degree of consolidation. Finally this paper made comparison with the result of the modeling calculation and the average degree of consolidation. The results showed this modeling method is reasonably accurate and feasible.

Keywords: Foundation treatment; in situ monitoring; the degree of consolidation; early settlement

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