Frost Protection System of Heating from Back of Lining for Tunnel in Cold Region and Its Control Model


Wu Yi-min1, Li Wen-bo1*, Fu He-lin1, Wang Bao-sheng2, Liu Bin2

* Corresponding author
1. Key Laboratory of Engineering Structure of Heavy Railway (Central South University), Ministry of Education, Changsha 410075, China
2. Datong Highway Administration Bureau,Datong, Shanxi 037006,China



Compared to thermal insulation, heat supply is more effective to prevent freezing damage of tunnel in cold region, though one should expect high energy consumption. For energy conservation, a frost protection system of heating from back of lining was developed that would be activated only when back of the lining undergoes the alternation of positive and negative temperature. The heating system was efficiently controlled with an intelligent switch according the temperature behind the lining, which was calculated through the finite difference solution based on continuous monitoring of surface temperature. Model test was conducted and verified that the calculated temperature match with the measured.

Keywords: Tunnel in cold region, frozen damage prevention, heating from back of lining, intelligent switch controller with temperature.

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