Finite Element Analysis of the Surface Settlement Induced by the Shield Tunnel Construction


Wang Yan-yang

School of Civil Engineering, Tianjin Chengjian University, Tianjin 300384, China



Three-dimensional non-linearity finite element model of shield tunnel was established for the Z1 line of Tianjin cultural center subway to simulate the construction process of shield tunnel. Then the ground settlement during the construction was obtained. The settlement data of a cross-direction and a portrait of the ground surface from numerical simulation were fitted through a polynomial expression. Then a contrastive analysis of curves from numerical simulation and empirical formula of Peck , Attewell and Woodman were made. The trends of them were broadly consistent. The result shows that it is feasible to utilize the empirical formulas like Peck’s to predict ground settlement in Tianjin caused by shield construction.

Keywords: shield tunnel; ground settlement; numerical simulation; empirical formula

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