Active Earth Pressure of Inclined Retaining Wall under Non-limited State


Pei-jie Lou

School of Mines, China University of Mining & Technology
Xuzhou Jiangsu 221116, China



Based on the major relationship between active earth pressure of retaining wall back and displacement, no matter retaining wall filling adopts sandy soil or cohesive soil, studying active earth pressure computing theory of the inclined retaining wall under non-limited state is of great significance. In this paper, lateral active earth pressure coefficient under non-limited state with considering soil arch effect by stress state analysis was studied and then non-limited active soil pressure analysis value of inclined wall by employing horizontal differential chromatography method was proposed. By contrasting laboratory simulation experiment and given theory, the rationality proposed in this paper was verified. Eventually, such relevant parameters as displacement ratio ?, the ratio of soil-wall friction angle and internal friction angle d/f, wall body dip angle e and cohesive force c which had great influences on the distribution of active earth pressure and the height of acting point were investigated. The results indicated that as soil mass develops from static state to limited active soil pressure state, the influence of soil arch effect becomes greater and greater. Along with constant increasing of d/f, the non-linear strength of soil pressure distribution curve gradually improves and the height of soil pressure resultant acting point shows increasing tendency. In addition, the influence of d/f on soil pressure increases along with the increasing of displacement ratio ?. As inclination angle at retaining wall back gradually rises, the influence of soil arch effect on non-limited state active soil pressure becomes weaker. Along with unceasingly increasing of cohesive force of soil mass filling, the height of upside stretch-draw fissure increases as well and the soil pressure resultant acting point falls. The computing method on active soil pressure under non-limited state with considering soil arch effect given in this paper is of great importance for enriching the computing theory of retaining wall soil pressure.

Keywords: Soil arch effect; active earth pressure; non-limited state; retaining structure.

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