Application of the Foundation Underpinning by Manual Pipe-Jacking in the Conservation of the Masonry Ancient Construction


Bing-bing TU1, Dong ZHAO1, Yan-qiang ZHANG2

1 College of Civil Engineering, Xi’an University of Architecture & Technology, Xi’an 710055, China
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Masonry ancient constructions generally do not have a whole base, and directly act on the foundations. Additionally, the features of its materials, such as the brittle nature, the shortage of bearing capacity and deformation ability, the asymmetric of the support and so on, that make the uneven settlement or the whole settlement. And this kind of disease is the leading factors that endangering the security of ancient masonry constructions. Therefore, a new underpinning technique called “foundation underpinning by manual pipe-jacking” is introduced in detail through the example of project. The technique might be a reference for similar projects and formulating the correlative codes for the conservation of the masonry ancient buildings.

Keywords: Ancient masonry constructions, underpinning, manual pipe-jacking.

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