Tsunami and Liquefaction Resistance of Subsoil


Abdoullah Namdar

Faculty of Civil Engineering & Earth Resources Universiti Malaysia Paha
e-mail: ab_namdar@yahoo.com



To minimize destructive effect of tsunami, accurate investigation requires. It is well known that the effect of tsunami on subsoil is not always similar and depend on many parameters. The geological properties and geomorphology of region play important role in situ stress during a tsunami. In this investigation, several factors play important role in changing site geological and geomorphology properties during a tsunami have been discussed. The liquefaction resistance of site after tsunami has also been discussed. The naturally mixed soil due to tsunami changes geomorphology and mineralogical profile of site. The naturally mixed soil in laboratory helps to predict liquefaction resistance after tsunami.

Keywords: Geological properties, geomorphology, stress, naturally mixed soil, mineralogical profile

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