The Mechanical Behavior of the Large-stone Asphalt Mixes as under layer of Asphalt Pavement


Jinmin Guo, Huixia Li

Department of traffic engineering Henan University of Urban Construction Pingdingshan, China,



With the good properties of high temperature stability and eliminating the reflection cracking, the Large-stone Asphalt Mixes (LSM)is adopted to solve the problems of the inadequate rutting resistance and poor durability to the asphalt pavement. As under layer of asphalt pavement the Large-stone Asphalt Mixes is less researched than base course.According to the results the mechanical properties of every pavement layer can be analyzed under the effect of temperature and load coupling when the height of LSM (Large-Stone Asphalt Mixes) is different. Combined the properties with the demand of structure and the relationship of the layer and maximum nominal diameter, recommend the resonable height of the LSM.

Keywords: the large-stone asphalt mixes, under layer of asphalt pavement, mechanical calculation, height

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