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Ready!Three-Dimensional Visualization of CCSD Well Hole for Further Research

    Hu Xiangyun, Fan Ping*, Sang Zuo, Pan Heping

Ready!Evaluation of Geotextiles on Embankment Displacement under Seismic Load

    Koohyar Faizi*, Danial Jahed Armaghani, Azman Kassim, and Mahshid Lonbani

Ready!Correlation of Mechanical Indices of Soft Soils in Yangcheng Lake Area of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway

    Luo Wei*, Li Liang, Zhao Lianheng, and Liu Hao

Ready!A Correlation of Shear Wave Velocity and Standard Penetration Resistance

    Aminaton Marto, Tan Choy Soon*, Fauziah Kasim and Meldi Suhatril

Ready!Influence of Asphalt Concrete Thickness on Settlement of Flexible Pavements
    Gholam Ali Shafabakhsh*, Mana Motamedi, and Afshin Family

Ready!Experimental and Physical Analysis Applied to Tailing Dams

    André Luís Brasil Cavalcante*, Luís Fernando Martins Ribeiro, and André Pacheco de Assis

Ready!Seismic Performance of Stone-Column-Reinforced Marine Soft Soil

    Jeong-Ho Ryu and Jin Man Kim*

Ready!The Influence of Mining Floor Damage by Using Porosity of Rock Mass as the Damage Variable

    Hailong Li*, Haibo Bai, Yang Jiao, and Cheng Yang

Ready!Stabilization of Laterite Soil using GKS Soil Stabilizer

    Aminaton Marto, Nima Latifi*, and Houman Sohaei

Ready!Experimental Approach to Suffusion and Backward Erosion

    Amin Chegenizadeh* and Hamid Nikraz

Ready!Prediction of Ng Values and Settlement for Square Footings

    M. S. Dixit and K. A. Patil

Ready!Experimental Research on the Relation of Rock AE and Energies Consumed

    Liang Zhong-yu*, Chen Zhan-qing, Gao Feng, Liu Yu

Ready!Predicting the pseudo acceleration for near field condition and C type soil using ANFIS model

    Maryam Hassaninia and Hassan Sharafi*

Ready!Experimental, Environmental and Finite Element Analysis of the Woven Polyester Geotextile Tube

    Neeraj Kumar Das*, B.Ram Rathan Lal, and J.N. Mandal

Ready!Effect of Lime and Natural Pozzolana on Dredged Sludge Engineering Properties

    Walid Zoubir, Khelifa Harichane*, and Mohamed Ghrici

Ready!Unsaturated Shear Strength Behavior under Unconsolidated Undrained Tests

    Majid Sokhanvar and Dr. Azman Kassim

* Corresponding Author


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