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Ready!Geosynthetics on Asphalt Wearing Surfaces for Timber Bridge Decks

    Natalia S. Correia*, Fernando H. M. Portelinha, Ricardo M. Scaliante, Carlito Calil Jr., and Cassio A. T. do Carmo

Ready!Pseudo-Dynamic Active Force on Non-Vertical Retaining Wall Supporting Inclined Backfill Considering Soil Amplification

    Ashish Sarkar*

Ready!Laboratory Investigations and Empirical Formula for Freezing-thawing-dependent Unconfined Compressive Behavior of Costal Soft Soil

    Bai-liang Yang, Wei Wang*, Xu-chao Chi, and Wei-min Jin

Ready!Water Injection Test and Numerical Analysis of the Mining-Induced Failure Depth of Floor

    Hailong Li*, Haibo Bai, Yang Jiao, and Cheng Yang

Ready!Slope Stability and Settlement Analysis for Dry Bulk Terminal at Mozambique: A Case Study

    Deepankar Choudhury*, Jaykumar Shukla , Amey Katdare, Vilas Patankar, and Padma Tiruvengala

Ready!Experimental Study on the Microscopic and Mechanical Characteristics of Sodium Chloride Saline Soil

    Chuan-cheng Zhang*, Qing-hui Jiang, Xiang He, and Gang Liu

Ready!Relative Permeability Study on Fractured Rock

    Lili Huang* and Wei Shi

Ready!Evaluation of Settlement in Expanding Piers due to Radial Consolidation in Soft Clay

    Payman Alimohammadi*, Khairul Anuar Kassim, Hj. Ramli Nazir, and Neda Javani

Ready!Relevance of Shape of Fragments on Flyrock Travel Distance: An Insight from Concrete Model Experiments Using ANN

    Avtar Krishen Raina*, V. M. S. R. Murthy, and Abhay Kumar Soni

Ready!Wellbore Stability in High Temperature and Highly-depleted Reservoir

    Yu Baohua, Yan Chuanliang*, Tan Qiang, Deng Jingen, Guan Shen

Ready!Medium Triaxial Testing of some Rockfill Materials

    Yeshpal Vasistha, Ashok Kumar Gupta*, and Varinder Kanwar

Ready!The Microstructure and the Deformation Characteristics of Cd Polluted Clay

    Zhu-wei Liao*, Hai-jun Lu, Li-wei Sun, and Fan Zheng

Ready!Design and Construction of a Composite Lining for a Machine-Bored Tunnel

    Junwei Zhang*, Zhirong Mei, and Xiaojuan Quan

Ready!Lateral Load Test on Composite Piles

    Jianwei Yue*, Zhenfeng Wang, Xiaotong Liu, Xu Chen and Guangrong Ling

Ready!Assessment of Collapse Disaster during Tunnel Construction

    Wenbing, Lu*, and Hong, Shen

Ready!The Swelling, Shrinkage and Cracking Properties of Compacted Clay

    Hai-jun Lu*, Wei He, Zhu-wei Liao, and Wei Chen

Ready!Effects of Pipe Roof Supports and the Tunnels Excavation on the Ground Settlement

    Mohd Fandey Abdul Latif, Mohd Ashraf Mohamad Ismail, Mohamad Razip Selamat, and Soon Min Ng*

Ready!Transparent Soil as a Substitute for Natural Soils in Geotechnical Modeling

    Asmaa Gheyath Salih

* Corresponding Author


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