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Ready!Stability of a Porous Seabed around Pipeline under Wave and Seismic Loadings

    Xiaoling Zhang

Ready!Effect of Surface Layer Thickness on the Performance of Lime and Cement Treated Aggregate Surfaced Roads

    Ehsan Yaghoubi, Omid Azadegan, and Jie Li

Ready!Custom Road Curve Developed with ObjectARX

    Yang, Liu and Zheng, Jian-long

Ready!2-D Resistivity and Seismic Refraction Surveys for Subsurface Studies at Bukit Bunuh, Perak

    M.M. Nordiana et al.

Ready!Modeling for Excavation Procedure in Soil Nailed Foundation Pit

    Xueliang Jiang, Hui Yang, Changping Wen, and Jiang Yin

Ready!Numerical Simulation on Sand Liquefaction Deformation and Impacting Factors by FEM-EFGM

    Pan Hui-min and Jie Ying

Ready!Mapping Alluvial Landscape Using 2-D Resistivity with EHR technique at Lembah Bujang, Kedah (Malaysia)

    M.M. Nordiana et al.

Ready!Effects of Geotechnical Conditions on Surface Settlement Induced by Tunneling in Soft Grounds

    Mohsen Hajihassani, Danial Jahed Armaghani, and Koohyar Faizi

Ready!A Satellite-based Biodiversity Dynamics Capability in Tropical Forest

    Vandana Tomar, Pavan Kumar*, Meenu Rani, Gargi Gupta, and Jyoti Singh

Ready!Effect of Water Content on the Shear Strength Parameters of Municipal Solid Waste

    Zhu Bingjian, Qiu Zhanhong, Xiong Hao , He Chunmu, and Chen Helong

Ready!Experimental Verification of Particle Transport through a Single Fracture

    Liang Song, Weiqun Liu, and Ziming Liu

Ready!Second Stage Subsurface Study of Meteorite Impact Crater at Bukit Bunuh, Malaysia Using 2D Electrical Resistivity Survey

    Mark Jinmin, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. M. Mokhtar Saidin, Y. C. Kiu, and Andy A. Bery

Ready!Intelligent Back-analysis of Mechanical Parameters for Landslide Based on Sensitive Grey Correlation Analysis

    Zhang Xuewen, Yang Shihao, Wu Shuanlan, and Yi Guangwei

Ready!Mechanism of Hysteretic Water Inrush From Coal Seam Floor with Collapse Column Based on Seepage Instability Theory

    Yang Jiao, Haibo Bai, Cheng Yang , and Hailong Li

Ready!Evaluation of Mechanical and Thermal Properties after Chemical Degradation of PVC and HDPE Geomembranes

    Paulo César Lodi, Benedito de Souza Bueno, Jorge Hamada, and Eduardo Luis de Oliveira

Ready!A Discussion on Improving the Efficiency of Water Use in Agriculture

    Pi-sheng Shi and Yi-wei Zhao

Ready!Rock Pressure Calculation Models for Surrounding Rocks with Structural Planes

    Fu-chen Liu, Wei Zhang and Ai-hua Sun

Ready!Experimental Study of Damage Evolution in Gypsum Board Containing Pre-existing Cracks under Uniaxial Compression

    Ya-jun Sun and Qing Yang

Ready!Characteristics of Bukit Bunuh Subsurface Materials: Integration of Seismic Refraction & Geotechnical Borehole Logs

    Ragu Ragava Rao, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. Mokhtar Saidin, M. M. Nordiana, and I. N. Azwin

Ready!An Establishment about the Floor Strata Strengthened by Grouting System

    Cheng Yang, Haibo Bai, Yang Jiao, and Hailong Li


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