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Ready!The Disposal of Personal Protective Equipment Used in the Heavy Construction Sector

    Patricia Lopes Rycheta Arten and André Nagalli

Ready!Infrared Thermo-graphic Inspection Technique for Concrete Retaining Wall

    Guo Zhao and Jian-gong Chen

Ready!Water table Delineation for Leachate Identification using 2-D Electrical Resistivity Imaging (2-DERI) and Seismic Refraction at Gampong Jawa, Banda Aceh

    Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. Muhammad Syukri, M. M. Nordiana, and Nur Azwin Ismail

Ready!The Effect of Particle Morphology of Sand on the Relationship Between Shear Strength and Dilatancy Characteristics

    Alvin John Lim Meng Siang, Devapriya Chitral Wijeyesekera, and Adnan Zainorabidin

Ready!Effects of Waste Plastic Fibres on Compaction and Consolidation Behavior of Reinforced Soil

    Arpan Laskar and Dr. Sujit Kumar Pal

Ready!The Pore Water Pressure and Settlement Characteristics of Soil Improved by Combined Vacuum and Surcharge Preloading

    Jie Peng, Wen Guang Ji, Neng Li, and Hao Ran Jin

Ready!Field Investigation on the Pile-Soil-Anchor Behavior due to Excavation-Induced Soil Movement

    Hang Lin and Tingyu Wu

Ready!Influence of Fly Ash on Unconfined Compressive Strength of Soil and Fly Ash Layers Placed Successively

    Supriya Saha and Dr. Sujit Kumar Pal

Ready!Experimental Studies on Fibrous Peat Stabilized Using Waste Paper Sludge Ash (WPSA)

    Norazlan Khalid, Mazidah Mukri, Faizah Kamarudin, Norbaya Sidek, and Mohd Fadzil Arshad

Ready!Triaxial Tests on Waste Tire Rubber Fiber Mixed Granular Soil

    Sanjeev Naval, Arvind Kumar, and S. K. Bansal

Ready!Laboratory Investigation on Bearing Capacity Behaviour of Pond Ash Reinforced with Geotextile Grid

    Rakesh Datta and Dr. Sujit Kumar Pal

Ready!Effect of Shape of Footing and Water Table on Bearing Capacity of Soil

    M. S. Dixit and K. A. Patil

Ready!Stability Analysis of a Slope with Fault during Water Table Falling Down

    Ji Youjun, Tian Yabiao, Zhou Zhengwei, Lai Yangchuan, and Ge Hongyu

Ready!A Mechanical Model for Caprock Deformation with Carbon Dioxide Injected into Coal Seam

    Li Zhu and Weiqun Liu

Ready!Structural Characteristics of Laterite Soil Treated by SH-85 and TX-85 (Non-Traditional) Stabilizers

    Nima Latifi, Aminaton Marto and Amin Eisazadeh

Ready!Bukit Bunuh Alluvium Thickness with the Effect of Meteorite Impact Using 2-D Resistivity Method - Second Stage Study

    Mark Jinmin, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. M. Mokhtar Saidin, and Y.C. Kiu

Ready!Dispersive Clay: Influence of Physical and Chemical Properties on Dispersion Degree

    Abdelkader Belarbi, Abdeldjalil Zadjaoui, and Abdelmalek Bekkouche


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