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Ready!Geotechnical Properties of Stabilized Ancient Gadhi Soil in Maharashtra State of India

    Vijay G. Kondekar, O. R. Jaiswal, and L. M. Gupta

Ready!Adoption of Flexural Stiffness Value for Reinforced Concrete Bent Frame Column

    Xiaoxing Wang and Huijian Li

Ready!Multi-Field Information Comprehensive Analysis of Tunnel Karst Cave Prediction

    Shao-shuai Shi, Shu-cai Li, Li-ping Li, Cong Liu, Zong-qing Zhou, Qing-han Wang

Ready!A New Calculation Method of Stress Intensity Factor in DDARF

    Yun-juan Chen, Shu-cai Li, Shao-shuai Shi, Fu-qiang Yin, Li-ping Li, Jing Wang

Ready!Stability of Slopes and Embankments under Static Load

    Indrajit Chowdhury and Shambhu P. Dasgupta

Ready!Establishment of Classification Formula of Rock Mass Around Road Tunnel in Metamorphic Schist

    Zuo Chang-qun, Sun Jin-shan, Chen Jian-ping, and Xu Ying

Ready!Water-Resisting Property of Top Carbonatite Strata of Ordovician in Longgu Coal Mine

    Yanmeng Wang, Haibo Bai, Huren Rong, and Yaojie Chen

Ready!Stability Analysis and Optimal Excavation of an Open Pit Mine Slope

    Junsheng Jiang and Ping Cao

Ready!Laboratory Research of Soil Water Characteristic Curve by Osmotic Method and Filter Paper Method

    Shen, M.F., Tan, X.H., Xin, Z.Y., Xie, Y., and Xu, Q.

Ready!Attenuation Law of Elastic Modulus of Weakly Consolidated Soft Rock

    Zeng-hui Zhao, Wei-ming Wang, Guo-feng Pan, and Xian-zhou Lv

Ready!Behavior of Construction and Demolition Waste with Random Inclusion of Synthetic Fibers

    Thaísa Ferreira Macedo and Kalinny Patrícia Vaz Lafayette

Ready!Fuzzy Clustering Analysis Based on Ant Colony Algorithm for Change Detection in Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images

    Liang Huang, Yunbo Chen, Xiaoqing Zuo, Yuanmin Fang, and Xueqin Yu

Ready!Frost Protection System of Heating from Back of Lining for Tunnel in Cold Region and Its Control Model

    Wu Yi-min, Li Wen-bo, Fu He-lin, Wang Bao-sheng, and Liu Bin

Ready!The RRC Value Determination of High-speed Railway Tunnel

    Bo Li, Li Wu, Zhigang Li, and Changmao Xu

Ready!Merging Data Levels using Two Different Arrays for High Resolution Resistivity Tomography

    Andy A. Bery and Rosli Saad

Ready!A Comparison of Cyclic Triaxial Tests Performed Using Constant and Varying Cell Pressure

    Carmine Polito

Ready!Numerical Simulation on Dynamic Development Features of Mining-induced Fractures in Overlying Strata during Shallow Coal Seam Mining

    Wei Zhang, Dongsheng Zhang, Lixin Wu, and Xufeng Wang

Ready!Analysis of a Rigid Grid-Pile Composite Foundation

    Wenfeng Huang, Haihong Mo, and Yingguang Fang

Ready!Experimental Analysis on the Influence of Organic Matter under Network Distribution on Time-Effect Deformation Property

    Jie Yuan, Yingguang Fang, Renguo Gu, Fan Zhang, and Guixian Hu

Ready!Causal Analysis and Countermeasures of Vacuum Consolidation Failure to Newly Hydraulic Reclamation Mud

    Bao Shu-feng, Dong Zhi-liang, and Chen Ping-shan


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