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Ready!Analysis on Surrounding Rock Masses’ Stabilities for Underground Cavern Group of Mongolia Hydropower Station

    Chen Yun-juan, Yan Fu, Yin Fu-qiang, Zhu Wei-shen, and Wang Jing

Ready!Construction Method of Metro Tunnel Crossing the Existing Railway

    Liu Hui-jun, Wang Xiao-feng and Li Shuai-shuai

Ready!Settlement Calculation for Unsaturated Soil Foundation Based on the Van Genuchten Model of SWCC

    Jun Feng, Xi-yong Wu, Bao-long Zhu, and Qi-Xiang Yang

Ready!Prediction for Foundation Settlement of High-Speed Railway Based on GM(1,1) Model

    Jun Feng, Xi-yong Wu, Bao-long Zhu, and Gao-Ming Yan

Ready!Stress and Deformation Monitoring and Result Analysis of Pile-anchor Supporting Structure of a Deep Foundation Pit

    Yu Yu and Xinrong Liu

Ready!On the Nonlinearity of Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils

    Pei-yong Li

Ready!XFEM Analysis of Strain Localization on Hostun RF Sand using Integral Type Nonlocal Model

    Meysam Zarinfar and Farzin Kalantary

Ready!Analysis Method of Influence on Longitudinal Deformation of Tunnel Heaving due to Excavation

    Zhaohua Jiang and Jian Liang

Ready!Risk Assessment of Debris Flow Based on GIS

    Zegen Wang and Zhengchao Sun

Ready!Vertical Buckling of Offshore Pipelines with Geometrical Imperfection on Soft Seabed

    Ruowei Shi, Kuanjun Wang, Fan Long, and Hongwei Li

Ready!Pollutant Migration in the GM+CCL Liner System Considering Leachate Mound

    Fan Jingjing

Ready!Productivity Prediction Method of Multi-fractures in Fractured Horizontal Well

    Yan Chen, Dong Ma, Fuxiang Zhang, and Xinhai Wang

Ready!Wellhead Horizontal Shift Optimization Method and Application

    Ma Dong, Chen Yan, Li Lun, and Hu Juncheng

Ready!Effects of Bending Stress on the Microstructure and Properties of Hydrated Cement Paste

    Tao Sun, Xinping Li, Zhonghe Shui and Weiwei Han

Ready!Parametric Analysis of Nonlinear Algorithms in the Rock Slope Stability

    Hang Lin, Wei Xiong, and Wenwen Zhong

Ready!Analytical Investigations on One-Dimensional Thermal Consolidation of Saturated Soil under Complicated Work Conditions

    Ruiqian Wu, Wei Wang, Qiuping Wang, and Caixia Guo

Ready!The Effect of Fracture Face Damage on Productivity of Fractured Wells

    Peng Chen, Shan Jiang, Xinhai Wang, and Xin Chang

Ready!Static Characteristics of Coarse-Grained Soils

    Guodong Deng, Jiasheng Zhang, Fei Meng, Song Wang, and Xiong Shi

Ready!Analysis of Thermal Stress of a Single Crack in any Direction under Dry Environment

    Meng Li and Wenhua Chen

Ready!Pull-out Test Studies on the Interface Characteristics between Geogrids and Soils

    Danda Shi and Fei Wang


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