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Ready!Inverse Mohr-Coulomb Soil Parameter Identification of an Earth and Rockfill Dam by Genetic Algorithm Optimization

    Pooya Vahdati, Séverine Levasseur, Hans Mattsson, and Sven Knutsson

Ready!Analysis on the Degree of Consolidation Based on Measured Settlements

    Wei Zhang and Xu-feng Wang

Ready!Finite Difference Model for Assessing Sandy Seabed Response

    Yuchen Wang and Erwin Oh

Ready!Temperature Field Analysis of Submarine Oil Caisson in Offshore Gravity Platform

    Wenjuan Li, Yinbang Wang, Xin Wang, and Nan Liu

Ready!The Reaction Products of Lime Treated Tropical Clay Soils and Their Impact on Strength Development

    Adil A. M Elhassan, Ahmed M. Elsharief, and Awad E. M. Mohamed

Ready!Pile Capacity in Silt Layer under Elevated Temperature

    Anuchit Uchaipichat

Ready!Comprehensive Assessment on Sanzhouxi Landslide Stability Considering Displacement Monitoring

    Ying Cao, Kunlong Yin, and Chao Zhou

Ready!Mingshan Tunnel Construction Period Settlement Prediction Based on DE-SVM

    Zhongle Lu, Li Wu, Xuewen Zhang, and Ruifeng Zhou

Ready!Stability Analysis of Tunnel Rock Mass under Curtain Grouting Construction

    Zeng Yi, Zhang Junwei, Li Jinping, and Quan Xiaojuan

Ready!Moisture Migration of Landfill Ecological Sludge Evapotranspiration Cover System

    Zhan-sheng Li

Ready!The Radial Expansion of Piping Channel in Double-layer Dike Foundation

    Jia Kai, Cao Hong, Li Xing-Hua, and Zhao Hui

Ready!The Characteristic of Aquifer Drawdown and Settlement of Bangkok and Vicinity Area

    Sutham Rotchanameka and Dr. Warakorn Mairaing

Ready!Construction Sequence Analysis of Sand Jet Method in the Process of Foundation Treatment for Immersed Tunnel

    Shuzhuo Liu, Yadong Li, Junsheng Chen, and Yu’e Zhao

Ready!Reflection Waveform Analysis of Necking Pile under Low Strain

    Zegen Wang, Lin Chen, and Zuocheng Xiao

Ready!Microstructure of Hydrated Cement Paste Under Load and Aggressive Environment Coupling Effects

    Tao Sun, Xinping Li, Zhonghe Shui, and Weiwei Han

Ready!Collapsibility and Microstructure of Loess

    Xiao Sanxia and Zeng Siyi

Ready!Foundation Studies, Analyses and Design in a Highly Fractured Aquaferous Zone

    Medubi, Ayo

Ready!The Influence of Electrical Resistivity Array on its Soil Electrical Resistivity Value

    Mohd Hazreek Zainal Abidin, Rosli Saad, Devapriya Chitral Wijeyesekera, Fauziah Ahmad, and Nur Azwin Ismail

Ready!Effect of Stabilized Laterite on California Bearing Ratio (CBR) and Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS)

    Ahmad Safuan A Rashid, Zuraida Zainudin, Norhazilan Md Noor and Haryati Yaacob

Ready!The Effect of Geological Structure and Powder Factor in Flyrock Accident, Masai, Johor, Malaysia

    Edy Tonnizam Mohamad, Danial Jahed Armaghani, and Hossein Motaghedi


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