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Ready!Parametric Analysis in the Horizontal Stress Calculation Based on Numerical Inversion Method

    Xian Shi, Yuanfang Cheng, Jun Cai, Yuanwei Sun, and Zheng Yuan

Ready!Numerical Investigations of the Bridge Pier Shape Influence on the Bed Shear Stress

    Bouabdellah Guemou, Abdelali Seddini, and Abderrahmane Ghenim

Ready!Blasting Technology of Diaphragm Wall on TIANJIN Metro Line5

    Pan HaiZe, Chen MengJie, and Qin Rong

Ready!Theoretical Discussion on Coefficient of Earth Pressure at Rest Based on the Stress State

    Qiang Yue

Ready!RBDO Method Research of Complex Structure Based SVRM

    Li Yugang and Ren Nianxin

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Rock Salt Gas Storage Cavern Time Dependent Deformation

    Zhao Yan-Lin and Wan Wen

Ready!A Fast Pick-up Method of 3D Point Cloud for Rock 3D Shape Measurement System

    Dahui Qin, Dingxiang Lu, and Haijun Liu

Ready!Methods of Retrofitting the Foundation of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

    Vahed Ghiasi, Mohsen Reza Valipour, Ali Reza Mohammadirad, and Saeed Baharipour

Ready!Failure Characteristics and Influencing Factors Analysis of Embankment Engineering damage due to Wenchuan Earthquake

    Fu Lilei, Ma Xiaojie, and Mei Zhirong

Ready!Frost Protection System of Heating from Back of Lining for Tunnel in Cold Region and Its Control Model

    Wu Yi-min, Li Wen-bo, Fu He-lin, Wang Bao-sheng and Liu Bin

Ready!Numerical Algorithms for Predicting Sediment Slides in Water Reservoirs

    Nils Reidar B. Olsen

Ready!Finite Element Analysis of the Surface Settlement Induced by the Shield Tunnel Construction

    Wang Yan-yang

Ready!Active Earth Pressure of Inclined Retaining Wall under Non-limited State

    Pei-jie Lou

Ready!Application of the Foundation Underpinning by Manual Pipe-Jacking in the Conservation of the Masonry Ancient Construction

    Bing-bing Tu, Dong Zhao, Yan-qiang Zhang

Ready!Back Analysis of Initial Ground Stress Based on Back-Propagating Neural Network

    Ruixuan Tang, Echuan Yan, Jingsen Cai, Kun Lv, and Feifei Lv

Ready!Comparison between Static and Dynamic Compaction for California Bearing Ratio (CBR)

    Doris Asmani M.Y, Hafez M.A, and Shakri M.S

Ready!A Laboratory Study on Bearing Capacity of Treated Stone Column

    Nazaruddin A.T., Shakri M.S., and Hafez M.A.

Ready!Assessment of Soil Nailing Performance by Using Finite Element and Finite Difference Methods

    Ahmad Safuan A. Rashid, Koohyar Faizi, Roohollah Kalatehjari, and Ramli Nazir

Ready!Dynamic Properties of Marine Silty Sand

    Muhammad Safdar, Jin Man Kim, and Khalid Mahmood

Ready!Tsunami and Liquefaction Resistance of Subsoil

    Abdoullah Namdar


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