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Ready!Influence of Shear Stress on Cyclic Behavior of Marine Sand

    Muhammad Safdar, Su Won Son, and Jin Man Kim

Ready!High Resolution Time-lapse Resistivity Tomography with Merging Data Levels by Two Different Optimized Resistivity Arrays for Slope Monitoring Study

    Andy A. Bery, Rosli Saad, Y. C. Kiu, and Nur Aminuda Kamaruddin

Ready!Soil Arching Effect of Double-row Piles: Laboratory Test and Numerical Interpretation

    Jin-bi Ye, Qiang Xie, Xiao-bo Zhao, and Yan-ru Zhao

Ready!Spatial Patterns of Precipitation, Altitude and Monsoon Directions in Hulu Kelang Area, Malaysia

    Nader Saadatkhah, Azman Kassim, and Lee Min Lee

Ready!A New Method for Risk Assessment of Relief Well

    Hui Zhang, Tengfei Sun, Wensheng Liu, Deli Gao, Wei Hongshu, Zhang Weiguo, Lin Haichun, and Zhang Xinping

Ready!Qualitative and Quantitative Landslide Susceptibility Assessments in Hulu Kelang area, Malaysia

    Nader Saadatkhah, Azman Kassim, and Lee Min Lee

Ready!Inversion Calculation of Theoretical Piling Bending Moment by Differential Method Based on Inclinometer Data

    Xingliang Xu and Xiqing Zhang

Ready!Combined Evaluation for Classification of Surrounding Rock Quality in Tunnels Based on Data Fusion

    Chen Peng-yu, Yu Hong-ming and Shi Hua-peng

Ready!Determination Method and Application of Roof Safety Thickness Used Revised-Beam Model

    Jiang Xueliang, Yang Lijun, Yang Hui, Wen Changping, Duan Shaowei, and Yin Jiang

Ready!Damage Evolution Analysis and Pressure Prediction of Surrounding Rock of a Tunnel Based on Rock Mass Classification

    Ming-Jie Zhao, Xiao Sun, and Suo Wang

Ready!Evaluation of Electrical Resistivity in a Tropical Sandy Soil Compacted

    Anna Silvia Palcheco Peixoto, Marcia Tiemi Yamasaki, and Paulo CÚsar Lodi

Ready!Lineaments And Their Association With Landslide Occurrences Along The Ranau-Tambunan Road, Sabah

    Norbert Simon, Rodeano Roslee, Nightingle Lian Marto, Juhari Mat Akhir, Abdul Ghani Rafek, and Goh Thian Lai

Ready!Method for Non-destructively Measuring Working Stress of Concrete

    Junzhi Lin, Ming-Jie Zhao, and Delun Wu

Ready!Mechanical Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced High-Strength Concrete Subjected to Impact Loading

    Guoping Jiang and Xiao Sanxia

Ready!The Ecological Planning and Practice of Bijie Experimental Area

    Rupei Qin and Hang Zhang

Ready!Application of Multilevel Grey Evaluation Model and Risk Evaluation in Yongji Highway Construction

    Wang Hong-tao, Fu He-lin, Pen Wen-xuan and Li-Liang

Ready!Null Excavation Schedule for Entrance Tunnel Construction During Colluvial Deposits

    Wang Hong-tao, Fu He-lin, and Xiong Yi

Ready!Structural Mechanism Analysis of a Tunnel under Differing Conditions

    Wang Hong-tao, Fu He-lin, Pen Wen-xuan and Chen Chen

Ready!Stochastic Description of Fractured Rock Mass and Numerical Tests on Its Failure Characteristics

    Guo Yunhua, Zhu Weishen, and Li Bangxiang

Ready!Influence of Clay Content on Liquefaction and Post-Liquefaction of Silt

    Changnu Zeng and Weina Feng

Ready!Numerical Calculation on Stability of Circular Slip Slopes

    Shuangshuang Xiao, Kemin Li, Xiaohua Ding, Li Ma and Tong Liu


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