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Ready!Analysis of Inorganic Contaminants Transport in Tropical Lateritic Soils under In-Situ and Compacted Conditions

    Juan Fernando Díaz-Sánchez and Dr. André Luís Brasil Cavalcante

Ready!Mathematical Models to Simulate the Construction Process of Gas Storage in Salt Rock Stratum with Different Patterns

    Wang Yingjie, Liu Jianjun, and He Xiang

Ready!Stress Strain Behavior of Clayey Sand

    Logeshwari J and Premalatha K

Ready!3D Finite Element Analysis of a Large-Diameter Pipe Jacking During Construction Stage

    Gao Zhenyu, Mo Haihong, Yang Chunshan, and Li Jinhua

Ready!Application of Weights-of-Evidence Model in Landslide Susceptibility Mapping at Baozhong Region in Baoji, China

    Wei Chen, and Wenping Li

Ready!A Review of Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundation on Clay Layered Soils Using Numerical Method

    Masyitah Md Nujid and Mohd Raihan Taha

Ready!Application of Well-Ground Seismic Computerized Tomography Technology in Underground Structure Detection

    Qifeng Yin, Dongming Pan, and Jingcun Yu

Ready!Analysis of Fluid-structure Interaction About Engineering Dewatering of Foundation Pit in Chengdu District, China

    Qijun Hu, Qijie Cai, and Chao Huang

Ready!Analysis of Cantilever Double-Row Piles in Deep Foundation Pit Based on FLAC3D

    Xiao-bo Zhao and Jin-bi Ye

Ready!Rock Mass Constitutive Model Identification Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

    Gang Li, Zhiqiang Yang, Qian Gao, and Shuhua Zhai

Ready!Effect Evaluation of Landslide Control Project Based on the Fuzzy Comprehensive Theory

    Jian Li, Xi-yong Wu, Hui-chao Zhang, and Xin Liao

Ready!Stress Distribution and Failure Mode Analysis of Large-Section Roadway Surrounding Rock at Crossover Point

    Pei-jie Lou, Wen-bing Xie, Sheng-guo Jing, and Qi-zhou Wang

Ready!Simulation Experiment on Water and Sand Inrush Due to Shallow Buried Coal Mining in Northwestern China

    Wei Chen, Wenping Li, Danzhi Wang, and Qingfeng Ding

Ready!Influence of Train Loading on Long-Term Nonlinear Consolidation of Soil Around an Idealized Sealing Tunnel

    Yi Cao, Jun Jiang, Wei-ming Huang, and Kang-he Xie

Ready!Improved AHP Analysis Method in the Evaluation of DaGang Deep Drilling Applications

    Zhang Yi, Zhai Ying-hu, Sun Teng-fei, Cao Zhao-hui, and Li Yan-jing

Ready!p-y curves in c-φ soils by considering pile-soil interface properties’ effects

    Hassan Sharafi and Yazdan Shams Maleki

Ready!Preliminary Study of Sumatera Fault Using 2-D Resistivity Imaging Method

    Dr. Muhammad Syukri, Dr. Rosli Saad, Dr. M.M. Nordiana, and I.N. Azwin

Ready!Experiments on Micro-pore Structure Characteristics of Shenzhen Marine Clay in Consolidation Permeability Process

    Xiaoqing Yan and Yingguang Fang

Ready!Test on Bonding Mechanical Properties of Cement-Dried Sand When Filling in Small Diameter and Ultra Deep Borehole

    Wenhua Chen and Meng Li

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