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Ready!Performance Evaluation of Seismic Foundation Isolation System

    Jin Man Kim

Ready!A Reliable Correlation of SPT-CPT Data for Southwest of Sweden

    Abbas Abbaszadeh Shahri, Christopher Juhlin, and Alireza Malemir

Ready!Effect of Reinforcement on Bearing Capacity and Settlement of Sand

    Dr. M. S. Dixit and Dr. K. A. Patil

Ready!Comparison of the Methods of Hydraulic Conductivity Estimation from Mini Disk Infiltrometer

    Milad Fatehnia, Kamal Tawfiq, and Tarek Abichou

Ready!Empirical Correlation of Uniaxial Compressive Strength and Primary Wave Velocity of Malaysian Granites

    Goh Thian Lai, Abdul Ghani Rafek, Ailie Sofyiana Serasa, Norbert Simon and Lee Khai Ern

Ready!Permeability Characteristics of Unsaturated Water-resisting Laterite in Large-scale Coal Mining Areas of Northwestern China

    Wei Chen, Wenping Li and Danzhi Wang

Ready!Application of GPS Data for Earth Crustal Study: Malaysian Case Study

    Dr. Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Nadiah Hanim Shafie, Siti Hafizah Ramli, Abdul Rahim Harun, and Dr. Ibrahim Abdullah

Ready!Discussion of Transparent Soil as a Substitute for Natural Soils in Geotechnical Modeling

    Cyrus D. Garner and Dr. Richard A. Coffman

Ready!Discrete Element Modeling of Jacked Piles in Granular Soil

    Yu-nong Li and Jing-pei Li

Ready!Global Stability of Reinforced Soil with Nail and Tieback

    Jefferson Lins da Silva, Francisco Shigueo Urakawa, Lucas Deroide do Nascimento, and Clever A. Valentin

Ready!Theoretical and Experimental Study on Measurement Technology for Acousto-Elastic Stress in Concrete

    Junzhi Lin, Changzhi Zhang, and Xinjian Liu

Ready!Analysis of Load Transmission Mechanism of Pile Foundation Without Grouting Under Elastic State

    An Aijun, Cheng Xiao, and Yu Hongbin

Ready!Analysis of Load Transfer Mechanism of Pile Foundation Without Grouting Based on Damage Theory

    An Aijun and Xie Rongfu

Ready!Experimental Study on Mechanical Property of Peridotite under Water-Rock Interaction

    Yang Hui, Jiang Xueliang and Li Na

Ready!Stability Analysis of Rock Slope by Using RFPA-SRM Method

    Cheng Jia and Huihui Chen

Ready!Optimal Combined Forecast of Tunnel Deformation Based on OWGA Operators

    Liu Shaotang and Jiang Ruibo

Ready!Analysis and Damage Control of Mud During the Subway Tunnel Crossing the Urban Road

    Aiyuan Zheng

Ready!Laboratory investigation on Physico-Chemical Changes in Kaolinite During Electro-Kinetic Treatment Subjected to Enhancement Solutions

    Nasim Mosavat, Dr Erwin Oh, and Dr Gary Chai

Ready!Numerical Simulation on effect of Multiple Holes Chemical Grouting under Confined Aquifer

    Han-ying Bai and Dang-liang Wang


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