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Ready!Research Progress and Prospect of Aquifuge in Shallow Coal Seam: A Case Study in the Shendong Coal Field of China

    Zhiyuan Jin, Liqiang Ma, and Fei Wang

Ready!An Analytical Model for Fully Grouted Rock Bolts in Soft Rock Tunnel

    Jing-zhou Wen, Hai-tao Su, Xiao-qi Tan, De-biao Ning and Chun-yu Zhang

Ready!Unified Expression of Normal Stress for Regular Tetrahedron & Regular Polyhedron

    Li Shun-qun, Feng Hui-qiang, and Shang-Jun

Ready!Stability Analysis of Open-Pit Slope under Explosive Loads

    Chao Peng, Zhaocai Zhang, Dong Ji, and Zhenxiong Yan

Ready!Elastic-Viscoplastic Constitutive Modeling of Soil-Structure Interface

    Feng Sheng-yang, Wei Li-min, He Qun, and Jiang Fu-liang

Ready!Analysis on Broken Form of Overlying Thick Stratum in Longwall Mining

    Hailing Kong, Lusha Shi, and Luzhen Wang

Ready!Liquefaction Analysis of the Sandy Foundation of Revetment Structure in a Large-scale Marine Reclamation Land Project

    Zhao Jie, Zhao Sisi, Pan Qi, and Yin Xun Qiang

Ready!Analysis of the Disturbed Characteristics of the Seam Floor with Working Face Crossing Collapse Column

    Yanmeng Wang, Haibo Bai, Jing Qi, and Chengdong Tian

Ready!Characterization of Stabilized Mbo Residual Soils, Akwa Ibom State-Nigeria

    Essien Udo and Charles Uko

Ready!Analytical Solution of Stresses on Box-Type Lining Structure under Effect of Ground Fissure

    Wei Huang, Dongyan Liu, and Haifei Jiang

Ready!New Method for Structured Finite Elements Modeling of Porous Media Reconstruction

    Rui Song, Jianjun Liu , and Meng Li

Ready!Dynamic Characteristics of Offshore Wind Turbines on Different Types of Foundations

    Luqing Yu, Subhamoy Bhattacharya, Lingling Li, and Zhen Guo

Ready!Mechanical Properties of Cementation Bodies Formed by Casting Cemented Gangues

    Xiaoyuan Zhan, Fang Wang, Lanqin Zhan, Qingheng Wang, Yongkui Shi and Jian Hao

Ready!Analysis on the Thermal Field Stress of Concrete Pier under Solar Radiation

    Lan Feng-lin and Yang Shou-ju

Ready!Deformation Mechanism and Control Technology of Deep Swelling Soft Rock Tunnel under High Stress

    Yanhui Guo and Kepeng Hou

Ready!Landslide Displacement Prediction of WA-SVM Coupling Model Based on Chaotic Sequence

    Chao Zhou and Kunlong Yin

Ready!Microstructure Characteristics of Solidified Sludge Based on Coal Gangue and Cement

    Wei Chen, Hai-jun Lu, Ji-xiang Li, and Geng-wu Wang

Ready!Settlement Calculation Method for Over-length Piles Foundation Based on Field Test in The Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway

    Dr. Su Chunhui, Ma Jianlin, and Zhou Jun

Ready!Oil Shale as an Aggregate in Making Concrete Mix

    Dr. Bassam Z. Mahasneh

Ready!The Impact of Loading Rate on Mechanical Property of Mudstone at High Temperatures

    Lianying Zhang, Xianbiao Mao, and Ruixue Liu

Ready!Application of KANO Model in Decision-making Concerning the Improvement of Environmental Service Quality of the Parks

    Yichuan Zhang and Jiangping Wang

Ready!Experiment Study on the Atterberg Limits of Clay Contaminated by Oil

    Fa-xing Huang and Hai-jun Lu


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