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Ready!The Effectiveness of C&D Waste Management Considering the Stationary Buckets Contents

    Fernanda Mantuan Dala Rosa de Oliveira, Nathasha Magalhães Buffon, Stephanie Seganttini Spinelli Freitas, André Nagalli, and Ronaldo Luis dos Santos Izzo

Ready!Analysis on the Thermal Field Stress of Concrete Pier under Solar Radiation

    Lan Feng-lin, and Yang Shou-ju

Ready!Failure Mode of Road Tunnels in Fractured Rock Mass

    Chen Hongjun, Liu Xinrong, and Zhao Duijia

Ready!Optimization Design and Analysis of Super-Long Pile in Deep Soft Soil Foundation for Huzhou Commercial and Residential Building

    Zhou Xiaolong, Xiao Fan, and Ji Yaobin

Ready!Seismic Analysis of High Rise Building with Deep Foundation Constructed Near Deep Channel

    Ahmed Abdelraheem Farghaly

Ready!Experimental Study on Water-Soil Interaction of Slip Soil in Tangjiaocun Landslide

    Tang Zhizheng, and Wang Yang

Ready!Mechanical and Thermal Damage Properties of Sandstone at High Temperatures

    Xianbiao Mao, Lianying Zhang, Ruixue Liu, and Dan Ma,

Ready!Numerical Analysis on Safety Evaluation for Subway Tunnels Adjacent the Abnormity Foundation Pit

    Huang Haibin, Cao Hong, He Wenzhong, and Lv Zhigan

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture Crossing Natural Fracture at Orthogonal Angles

    Jianchun Guo and Yuxuan Liu

Ready!The Natural Transverse Vibration of Rectangular Thick Plates With Viscoelastic on Viscoelastic Foundation

    Yang Lijun and Jiang Xueliang

Ready!Stability Analysis of Landslide Dams Triggered by the Wenchuan Earthquake, China

    Wei Hu, Xing-guo Yang, Jia-wen Zhou, Hui-ge Xing, and Fu-gang Xu

Ready!Vibration Characteristics of Shearer Cutting Unit Based on Multibody Dynamics

    Jianping Li and Huizhen Guo

Ready!Cost Control Method in Strip Filling

    Hou Yuting, Yuan Qinghe, Hao Jian, and Qi Minhua

Ready!Predictions of Soil Profile of Different Zones of Sudan using Artificial Neural Network

    Hussein Elarabi and Safa A. Abdelgalil

Ready!Analysis of Stress and Stability of Protective Coal Pillar with Sump

    Chengdong Tian, Haibo Bai, Zhaolin Li, Yanmeng Wang, and Jing Qi

Ready!Proportion Test of Similar Material for Simulating Deep Weathered Rock Mass

    Qingfeng Ding, Wenping Li, Yanyan Yue, and Hanying Bai

Ready!Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Study Over Specific Medium

    Marwan, Dr. Rosli Saad, and Dr. Muhammad Syukri

Ready!Influence of Confining Stress on Energy Evolution of Sandstone Under Triaxial Compression

    Qian Tang, and Yunan Li

Ready!Preliminary Risk Analysis in the Operation of a Sanitary Landfill

    Silvana Alves de Andrades, André Nagalli, and Ronaldo Luis dos Santos Izzo

Ready!Considering the Effect of Reservoir Water Level Lifting on Slope Stability

    Qin Rong, Pan HaiZe, Han LingFeng, and Chen MengJie

Ready!Evaluation and Comparison of Recycled Soil-Aggregate Composites and Recycled-Soil-Fiber Aggregate for Applications in Pavement

    Thaísa Ferreira Macedo, Alexandre César Leão de Lima, and Kalinny Patrícia Vaz Lafayette

Ready!An Elastic-Plastic Constitutive Model for Structural Soil Based on Egg-Shaped Yield Surface

    Xu Ri-qing, Wu Jian, and Wang Xing-chen

Ready!Inverse Hardening Soil Parameter Identification of an Earth and Rockfill Dam by Genetic Algorithm Optimization

    Pooya Vahdati, Dr. Séverine Levasseur, Hans Mattsson, and Sven Knutsson

Ready!Frictional Strain Hardening and Softening in Sand Using Simple Direct Shear Test Parameters

    Gholam Moradi and Alireza Abbasnejad

Ready!Numerical Investigation of Oil Reservoir Fracture Propagation during Waterflooding Process

    Liu Jianjun and Luo Wei

Ready!The Influence of Foundation Excavation on the Existing Metro Tunnel in Complicated Environment

    Huang Haibin, Cai Hao, and Zeng Jubo

Ready!Prediction of Fluid Properties in Rock Using Regular Cubic Pore Network Model

    Rui Song, Jianjun Liu, and Renxuan Tang

Ready!Effect of Surcharge Load on Stability of Slopes - Testing and Analysis

    Dr. B. Manna, S. Rawat, R. Zodinpuii, and Dr. K. G. Sharma


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