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Ready!Dynamic and Static Properties of Pile-Soil Interface

    Qian Tang and Yunan Li

Ready!Development Rules and Controlling Factors of Collapse Column in Third Mining Area Sima Coal Mine

    Chen Yao-jie, Bai Hai-bo, and Wang Yan-meng

Ready!Index Properties of Soils Collected from Different Locations and Correlations of Parameters

    Bipul Sen and Dr. Sujit Kumar Pal

Ready!Confirmation on Reasonable Width of Preset Reinforced Concrete Wall in Roadway on Coal Mining without Pillar

    Jing Tao, Xian-biao Mao and Can Cui

Ready!Application of Genetic Algorithm in Assessment of Various Surcharges on Optimal Dimensions of Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall

    Rangbar Karkanki, Asadollah, Seyedi Gelsefidi, Seyed Alireza, and Khadivipanah, Peyman

Ready!Stability of Strip Pillar Disturbed by Dynamic Load

    Wang Zhaodong, Zhong Tao, and Hao Jian

Ready!Variation of Soil Moisture Under Bare Soil, Grass and Concrete Covers

    Lei Gao, Bin Shi, Chaosheng Tang, and Kai Gub

Ready!Comparing the Effect of Different Foundation Pit Enclosure System on Nearby Constructed Projects

    Liu Hui

Ready!Experimental Investigation on Clay of Inland River Under Complex Stress Loading

    Jianguo Liu, Chengzhi Wang, and Jianping Li

Ready!The Long-term Stability of Landslide on Condition of Fluctuation of Reservoir Water Level in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area

    Dapeng Zhu, Liangkai Qin, Lei Zuo, and Renke Tian

Ready!Consolidation Characteristics of Soil-Porous Geotextile-Fly Ash Layers placed Successively
    Debasree Pal and Dr. Sujit Kumar Pal

Ready!Hydrogen Used as an Indicator for Reignition of Underground Mine Fire Zones

    Bobo Shi, Fubao Zhou, and Jianlong Li

Ready!Uniaxial Compression Testing of Tengchong Soft Sedimentary Rock with FFT Based PIV Method

    Zhao Honghua, Li Pengfei, and Guo Changbao

Ready!Influence on Coal Rock Strength and Deformation of Confining Pressure

    Hailing Kong and Luzhen Wang

Ready!A Molecular Dynamics Study on the Temperature, Wall-Thickness and Diameter Effects on the Tensile Mechanical Properties of Cu Nanotubes

    Meifen Wang and Guojun Du

Ready!Safety Assessment of Earth Dams in Kurdistan Region, Iraq Based on Seepage Simulation and Surveillance Data

    Sangar Hasan Abdulkareem, Dr. Thamer Mohamed Ahmed, and Dr. Abdul Halim Bin Ghazali

Ready!Multi-Parameter Monitoring and Deformation Mechanism Research on A Reservoir Landslide in Western China

    Bing Han, Shengshan Hou, Hejiong Ye, Bin Zhu, and Pinggen Zhou

Ready!Influence of Partially Sealed Linings on Long-Term Nonlinear Consolidation of Soft Soil Around a Shield Tunnel

    Yi Cao, Jun Jiang, Kang-he Xie, Wei-ming Huang

Ready!The Law of High Stress Soft Rock Roadway Deformation and Supporting

    Qiang Fu, Yucheng Zhao, and Yabin Zhen

Ready!The Structure Optimization of Primary Supporting in Schist Incompetent Bed of Highway Tunnel

    Yang Sun, Jianping Chen, Dingbao Song, Panpan Wu, Miao Liu, Yi Yi

Ready!Filling Mining’s Assessment Method Based on Ground Pressure Monitoring: A Case Study

    Shi Yongkui, Dr. Hao Jian, Hou Yuting, and Zhang Jingyu

Ready!Influences on Penetration Laws of Broken Mudstone with Mass Loss from Talbol Power Exponents

    Luzhen Wang, Zhanqing Chen, and Hailing Kong

Ready!Roadway Stability with Narrow Pillar in Thick Seam Single-Pass Mining (6.5 m): A Case Study

    Xianyang Yu, Nong Zhang, Xiaowei Feng, Fei Xue, and Baoyu Li

Ready!Stope Structural Parameters Optimization of Gently Inclined and Extremely Thin Orebody with Room and Pillar Mining Method

    Yanhui Guo and Kepeng Hou

Ready!Study on Mechanism and Application of U-steel Support Backwall Grouting of District Chambers

    Chen Jie, Jing Sheng-guo, Xie Wen-bing and Fei Xiaobao

Ready!Deformation Failure and Control of Surrounding Rocks of Gob-Side Driving Entry in Coal Seam with a Hard Stratum of Gangue

    Zhiyuan Jin, Yidong Zhang, and Jiping Hu

Ready!The Relationship between the Electrical Resistivity and Saturation of Unsaturated Soil

    Jia Hong-jing, Li Shun-qun and Li Lin

Ready!Compound Support Technology for High Stressed Soft Rock Roadway

    Qiang Fu, Yucheng Zhao and Yabin Zhen

Ready!Triaxial Creep Characteristic and Fractional Order Constitutive Model of Frozen Silt

    Yang Yugui, Gao Feng, Lai Yuanming and Zhang Xiangxiang

Ready!Synthetic Advanced Geological Prediction Technology Used in the Fault and Water-rich Area of Tunnels

    Liu Yongquan, Liu Xinrong, Yang Zhongping, and Tu Yiliang


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