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Ready!Fracture Connection Effects of Dense Boreholes in Mine Gas Extraction:A Case Study in Pingdingshan No.10 Coal Mine, China

    Dr. Wang Shengcheng, Cui Guanglei, Liu Yingke, Gao Yanan, and Zhu Tonggong

Ready!Analysis of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Recycled Aggregates from Construction and Demolition Waste for Paving Work

    Stela Fucale, and Felipe Torres Proença (In Memoriam)

Ready!Experimental Study on the Shear Property of Pile-Soil Interface

    Guodong Deng, Jiasheng Zhang, Fei Meng, Xiong Shi, and Bei Liu

Ready!Experimental Analysis on Influence of Water Content on Nature of Soil Strength Properties

    Renguo Gu, Jian Chen, and Jie Yuan

Ready!Experimental Research on Influence of BoundWater on Rheological Properties

    Jian Chen, Renguo Gu, and Jie Yuan

Ready!Characteristics of Ion Concentration in Groundwater Drainage from Coalbed Methane Wells in Panzhuang of China

    Yan-yan Ge, Xue-hai Fu, Wen-qing Sun, and Sheng Li

Ready!A New Experimental Procedure to Investigate the Torque Correlation Factor of Helical Anchors

    João Manoel Sampaio Mathias dos Santos Filho, Thaise da Silva Oliveira Morais, and Cristina de Hollanda Cavalcanti Tsuha

Ready!The Non-equidistant Multivariable MGRM (1,n) Based on Homogeneous Background Value Constructing and Cumulative Generating Operation of Reciprocal Number

    Youxin Luo and Qiyun Liu

Ready!Modeling of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) in the Sirinhaém River, Pernambuco, Brazil

    Ana Flávia Araújo, Diogo Henrique Fernandes da Paz, and Simone Rosa da Silva

Ready!Analysis of Stability of Residual Soil Slope and Treatment Measures

    Jianhong Jia, Chuanbo Zhou, Nan Jiang, and Shiwei Lu

Ready!Damage Identification of Ribbed Plate Retaining Wall Based on Damage Character Vector

    Jian-gong Chen, Qian Xu, Hai-quan Zhang, and Ze-jun Yang

Ready!A Fractal Interpolation Model for Classification of Expansive Soil

    Wei Wang and Bo Li

Ready!Influence of Confining Stress on Energy Evolution of Sandstone Under Triaxial Compression

    Qian Tang and Yunan Li

Ready!The Fracture Parameters of the Low Permeability Fractured Reservoirs during Water Flood Development: A Case Study in Gansu, China

    Liu Ao, Hu Shuyong, Hu Lingzhi, Li Caixue, and Yao Hengshen

Ready!Stability of Roadways in Multi-seam Longwall Mining in the Sequence of Over-mining

    Xiangyu Wang and Bin Chen

Ready!Laboratory Assessment of Soil-Jute Geotextile Interaction Behavior

    Abdul Jabbar Khan, Mohammad Shariful Islam, and Seikh Saiful Islam

Ready!The Non-equidistant MGRM(1,n) Based on Vector Continued Fractions Theory and Accumulated Generating Operation of Reciprocal Number

    Youxin Luo and Qiyun Liu

Ready!Analysis of Shaking Table Model Test on Embedded Anti-Slide Piles under Earthquake

    Jie Lai, Yingren Zheng, Yun Liu, Hongwei Liu, and Yanyan Lee

Ready!Nonlinear Vibration of Carbon Fiber Cable Truss under Displacement Excitation

    Yang Lijun and Jiang Xueliang

Ready!Deformation of an Existing Tunnel Adjacent to an Excavation in Progress

    Zhaohua Jiang, Youwen Su, and Jian Lian

Ready!A Modified 3-D Irregular-Shaped Grain Model for Brittle Rock

    Guangcheng Yang and Xinghua Wang

Ready!The Influence Factors of Inverted Y Type Retaining Wall about Mechanical Performance

    Ling Ling, Youfa Yang, and Jiwu Wang

Ready!Influences of Temperature and Suction on Lateral Earth Pressure in Unsaturated Silt

    Dr. Anuchit Uchaipichat

Ready!Microstructure Characteristics Research of Lime Cured Cadmium-contaminated Kaolin

    Bai Xiaohuia, Li Jixiang, Xu Chaoxin, and Zhang Chuancheng

Ready!Analysis of Anchored Sheet Piles under Static Load

    Indrajit Chowdhury and Shambhu P Dasgupta

Ready!A Refined Theoretical Model for Bearing Capacity of Stiff-Over-Soft Layered Soil

    Guangming Cheng, Menglan Duan, and Fei Wang

Ready!Experimental Study on the Strain Hardening Exponent of Silty Clay

    Xinrong Liua, Dahe Qi, Yu Yua, Zuwu Zhangb, and Yong Jiang

Ready!Numerical Simulation Research on the Regularity of Stress Distribution and Breaking Above Confined Aquifer

    Jiacheng Liu, Yucheng Zhao, Ming Wang, and Hai Su

Ready!Novel Modified Humic Acid as Effective Fluid Loss Agent for Oil-Based Drilling Fluid

    Xie binqiang and Feng ping

Ready!The Influence of Strata Dip Angle on Landslide in Xiangjiaba Reach of Jinsha River

    Cui Yulong, Wei Jinbing, Deng Jianhui, and Zheng Hongchun


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