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Ready!Simulating Lateritic Soil Column Tests with the Space Fractional Advection-Dispersion Equation

    Ricardo Mendonça de Moraes and André Luís Brasil Cavalcante

Ready!Application Issue on Air Hammers Drilling Technique

    Hu Gui, Meng Qing-kun, Wang Xiang-dong, and Tao Ye

Ready!Countermeasures of Large-scale Open Pit Coal Mine Accidents of China

    Wang Zhaodong

Ready!Numerical Simulation Test of Contact Parameters And Study On Macro-Mechanical Properties Of Jointed Rock Masses

    Yuan Wei and Fu He-lin

Ready!Numerical Analysis of Support Structure of Anchor-cable Frame B eam of Highway Slope

    Yuan Wei and Fu He-lin

Ready!The Deformation Monitoring of Surrounding Rock in the Process of KuiBa Tunnel Construction and its Numerical Simulation

    Wu WeiDong, Wang YuHong, and Yan DeYou

Ready!Construction Risk Analysis of Urban Subway In Broken Rock Strata

    Chun-quan Dai and Zeng-Hui Zhao

Ready!Application of Immersed Tunnel Technology in Saigon East-West Highway Project

    Nguyen Khanh Tung, Wu Li, Do Minh Ngoc, Nguyen Minh Thanh, and Nguyen Duc Toan

Ready!Nonlinear Vibration of Rectangular Orthotropic Plates Resting on the Three-Parameter Foundations in Thermal Environments

    Yang Lijun and Jiang Xueliang

Ready!Experimental Study on Bidirectional and Torsional Cyclic Loading under Different Initial Stress States on Inland River Clay

    Jianping Li, Chengzhi Wang, and Jianguo Liu

Ready!The Strength and Hydraulic Properties of Landfill Improved Clay Liner

    Wei Chen, Hai-jun Lu, Ji-xiang Li, Rui Dai, and Geng-wu Wang

Ready!The Properties of Nano-kaolin Mixed with Kaolin

    Norazlan Khalid, Mohd Fadzil Arshad, Mazidah Mukri, Kamaruzzaman Mohamad, and Faizah Kamarudin

Ready!Development and Calibration of a 3D Numerical Modeling of Roof Bolts - A Case Study

    Jingyi Cheng, Wenfeng Li, and Zhijun Wan

Ready!Review on the Surface Hardness of Soft Rock

    Hang Lin and Wei Xiong

Ready!Prevention Problem Progress of Underground Water Disaster under Large Railway Tunnel Construction

    Zhang Junwei, Li Lei, Ma Xiaojie, Zeng Yi, and Qu Honglue

Ready!Status and Progress of Soil Arching Effect Research

    Miaojun Sun, Xinli Hu, Fulin Tan, and Yuming Zhang

Ready!Acoustic Mapping of the Central Region of Curitiba - Brazil

    Fernando Cunha de Andrade, Leandro Sopchaki, Ricardo Antonio Bettinelli Padilha, Thays Pereira Silveira, Rodrigo Eduardo Catai, and André Nagalli

Ready!Controlling Mechanism of Gob-Side Entry Retaining without Backfilling Wall and its Application

    Hua Jin-bo, Zheng Xi-gui, Feng Xiao-wei, Zhang Nong, Yue Wei and Liu Na

Ready!Geotechnical and geochemical characteristics of anthropic geo-materials located downstream Mfoundi river at Yaoundé, Cameroon

    Joele Djoukouo, Robert Medjo Eko, Yves Mbono Samba, Paul Billong, and Vincent Onana

Ready!Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Information Content Model in Baozhong Region, Shaanxi Province, China

    Wei Chen and Wenping Li

Ready!Mapping the Seulimeum Fault System in Krueng Raya, Aceh Besar (Indonesia) Using Gravity Surveys

    Dr. Muhammad Syukri, Dr. M.M. Nordiana, Dr. Rosli Saad and Marwan

Ready!Settlement Calculation Method for Over-length Piles Foundation Based on Field Test in The Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway

    Su Chunhui, Ma Jianlin and Zhou Jun

Ready!The Conclusion of Searching Bukit Bunuh Crater Using Gravity Method

    Dr. Rosli Saad, Noer El Hidayah Ismail, Dr. M.M. Nordiana and Dr. Mokhtar Saidin

Ready!Deformation and Stress Analysis of Pipe Roof Support Based on Theory for Beam on Elastic Foundation

    Fuqiang Gao, Aijun Hou, Xiaolin Yang, Guo Jinjun and Kun Zhang

Ready!Finite Element Method Analysis of Influence on Subway Tunnel Adjacent to Excavation by Excavation Construction

    Ming Zhang, Jin Fan and Bing-yu Pan

Ready!Effect of Moisture Content, Void Ratio and Compacted Sand Content On the Shear Strength of Remolded Unsaturated Clay

    Li-chang Wang, Wei Long and Shi-juan Gao

Ready!Coupling Effect of Suction Variation on Riverbank Stability

    Maziar Foroutan, Azman Bin Kassim, Shin To Amiri, and Pouya Molkaraei

Ready!Study on the Image Recognition of The Underground Pipeline Based on Ground Penetrating Radar

    Lei Gao, Hewen Liu, and Xiangjuan Yu

Ready!Perturbation Method for the Shear Vibration of Multi-story Building with Equal Mass and Variable Stiffness

    Yang Lijun, Liu Shaobin and Lu Shouming

Ready!Evaluation of Bearing Capacity Due To Radial Expansion Using Expanding Piers

    Pouya Molkaraei, Payman Alimohammadi, Hj. Ramli Nazir and Maziar Foroutan

Ready!A Regression Model for Predicting the Response of Sand Reinforced with Random Multi-Oriented Reinforcements

    Harikumar M N Sankar, and S Chandrakaran

Ready!Technology for Blasting Vibration Control in Construction of Neighborhood Tunnel

    Wu Ming-sheng, Yang Zhuan-yun, Liu Hui and Yi Li-yun

Ready!Pile Settlement Modeling with Multilayer Perceptrons

    Silvrano Adonias Dantas Neto, Mariana Vela Silveira, Luciana Barbosa Amâncio and Gérson Jacques Miranda dos Anjos


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