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Ready!Simplified Wedge Analysis of Nailed Soil Walls

    Mohan Babu D and Premalatha K

Ready!Prediction of Cement Filling Materials Performance Using Improved BP Neural Network

    Deng Xue-jie, Zhang Ji-xiong, Kang Tao, and Wang Dong-sheng

Ready!Temperature Field Analysis of Point Contact Steel Wire Rope Base on ABAQUS

    Cui Can and Mao Xianbiao

Ready!Effective Shear Strength Parameters for Remolded Granite Residual Soil in Direct Shear and Triaxial Tests

    Rohaya Alias, Anuar Kasa, and Mohd Raihan Taha

Ready!Characteristics of Deformation and Staged Control Technology for Gob-Side Entry Driving With Large Depth

    Meng Wang, Bin Chen, and Wenfeng Li

Ready!Torsional Dynamic Impedance of Tapered Pile Embedded in Layered Viscoelastic Soil

    Wenbing Wu, Guosheng Jiang, Shenggen Huang, and Banghua Xie

Ready!Air-Leakage and Range of Spontaneous Combustion Zone in Gob Area on U+L-Type Face

    Jian-liang Gao, Xue-bo Zhang, Ya-kai Cui, and Xiao-min Jin

Ready!Mechanical Mechanism of Water Inrush in the Side of Karst Tunnel under the Effect of Fault

    Hui Zhe, Zeng Yi, and Huang Chao

Ready!Study on Weaken Parameters of Dog-Bone Nodes in Stud Welded Beam Column Connections of Steel Frame

    Yang Yanmei and Shi Xiaofan

Ready!Experimental Study on Chloride Ion Diffusion in Mortar Anchorage Body under Combined Action from Multiple Damage Factors

    Jian Liang, Gui-lin Wang, and Zheng-hua Han

Ready!Numerical Calculation on the Strength and Failure Rules of Gassy Coal During its Failure Process

    Hailing Kong and Luzhen Wang

Ready!Investigation on the Stability of Slopes with Cracks Subjected to Seismic Effect

    Cheng Xiao, Mao Na, Xie Rongfu, and Cao Jingyuan

Ready!Geotechnical Evaluation of Some Lateritic Soils in Akure South, South-western Nigeria

    Owolabi, T. A. and Aderinola, O.S.

Ready!A New Evolution Model of Community Based on Improved DLA in Complex Networks

    Fang Hu, Dan Xie, Li Ma, Shaowu Shen, and Jianchao Cai

Ready!Experimental and numerical study on fragmentation of rock blocks during the motion process of landslide

    Jia-wen Zhou, Qiang Xu, and Ming-hui Hao

Ready!Rheological Properties of Different Stress Levels in Deep Slate of High-Speed Railway Tunnel

    Li Bo, Wu Li, Xu Changmao, and Yuan Qing

Ready!Elastic-plastic Constitutive Relationships of Surrounding Rock under High Temperature and High Humidity

    Meng Li, Wenhua Chen, and Wei Jia

Ready!Time-Dependent Deformation and Stress Analyses of Xibeikou Concrete Face Rockfill Dam

    Yong Wu, Jian-wei Zhang, and Chen Wang

Ready!The Analysis of the Seepage Pore Water Pressure as Reservoir Water Level is Being Lifted

    Pan HaiZe, Qin Rong, Chen MengJie, and Han LingFeng

Ready!Geophysical Evidences of a Possible Meteorite Impact Crater at Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia

    Abdul Rahim Samsudin, Nur Suraya Ahmad, Nur Dalilah Johari, and Umar Hamzah

Ready!Entry-side Supports Stability of GER without Pillars

    Lin Zhang, Xigui Zheng, Jinbo Hua, and Xiaowei Feng

Ready!Mechanical Parameters’ Anisotropic Characteristics and their Mechanism of Wudang Group Schist

    Yang Desheng, Yan E-chuan, Xiong Pinggao, and Wang Guobin

Ready!Performance Analysis and Numerical Simulation of the Bi-Axially Reinforced Composite Foundation

    Yang Weiwei and Liu Ting

Ready!An Empirical Relationship between In-situ Permeability and RQD of Discontinuous Sedimentary Rocks

    Mohsin Usman Qureshi , Kamran Muzaffar Khan, Nabil Bessaih, Khalid Al-Mawali, and Khaloud Al-Sadrani

Ready!Experimental Study on Creep Properties of Sandstone under High Confining Pressure and High Hydraulic Pressure

    Yuchao Xia, Dongyan Liu, Haifei Jiang, and Qiaolin Xiao

Ready!Numerical Simulation on Coal Permeability Change after Pumping Confined Water from Adjacent Seams

    Sun Jianzhong, Wang Haifeng, and Guo Shuaifei

Ready!Excavation Sequence Optimization Of Underground Water-Sealed Caverns

    Ruixuan Tang, Echuan Yan, and Jingsen Cai

Ready!Geotechnical Assessment of Pavement Failure along Umuahia-Okigwe Expressway in Nigeria

    Arinze, Emmanuel E. and Obiorah Frank

Ready!3D Numerical Analysis of Anti-Slide Pile Resistance Effect And Coupling Effect of Soil-Pile Interaction

    Xingang Wang, Chong Ma, Baoqin Lian, Bin Hu, and Hongbing Zhan

Ready!Nonlinear Thermal Vibration of Circular Plates Resting on Nonlinear Foundation

    Yang Lijun and Liu Shaobin


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