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Ready!Rock Cut Slope Classification Based on Vegetation Restoration

    Zhirong Jia and Zhonghui Hu

Ready!Geotechnical Investigation of Coarse Gra in Material of Miyanrood Dam, Eastern Iran

    Hamidreza Rasooli Sani-abadi, and Mojtaba Ansarifar

Ready!Rock Control and Position Optimize of the Overlying Roadway in Ascending Mining

    Liu Fei, Zhang Nong, and Liu Na

Ready!Numerical Assessment of Bearing Capacity of Pedestal Rock-socketed Piles in Different Thickness of Sediments Based on Load Test

    Wang Zegen and Wu Yifeng

Ready!Seismic Performance of Slope Site with Underground Structure by Experimental and Numerical Simulation Analysis

    Tianding Guan, Jie Cui, Dandan Yuan, and Le Zhang

Ready!Fluid-Solid Coupling Analysis of the Factors for Refracturing Reorientation

    Guo Jian-chun, Yuan Shu-hang, and Deng Yan

Ready!Earthquake Hazard Zonation of the Isfahan City, Iran

    Zahra Tajmir Riahi, Rassoul Ajalloeian, Mohammad Ali Rahgozar, and Homayon Safaei

Ready!Love Waves in an Intermediate Heterogeneous Layer Lying in Between Homogeneous and Inhomogeneous Isotropic Elastic Half-Spaces

    Rajneesh Kakar and Manisha Gupta

Ready!Stability Analysis of High Slope Excavation in View of Unloading Effect

    Yu Zhigang and Yin Ke

Ready!Regression Analysis of the Blasting Vibration Test Parameters Based on Wavelet De-Noising and Quantum Genetic Algorithm

    Daohong Qiu, Shucai Li, Huaifeng Sun, and Iewen Zhang

Ready!The Difference Analysis of One-Dimensional Consolidation in Layered Soft Subgrade

    Li Wenbo, Fu Helin, Li Kai, Rao Junying, and Zhang Jiabing

Ready!Seismic Collapse Hazard Assessment Based on the Variable Fuzzy Sets

    Xiaoran Liu, Jingyu Su, Bo Li, and Wei Wang

Ready!A Prediction Method for Ground Surface Movements Induced by Deep Circular Tunnel in Stiff Surrounding Rocks

    Fu Helin, Li Wenbo, Li Kai, Rao Junying, and Zhang Jiabing

Ready!Application of Gravity Survey for Geological Mapping and Cavity Detection: Malaysian Case Studies

    Abd Rahim bin Harun, and Abdul Rahim bin Samsudin

Ready!Analysis of Mechanical Properties and Bearing Capacity for Pile Group under Two-way Simple Harmonic Wave Load

    Chen Feng, Chen Sanshan, and Jiang Guoping

Ready!Influence of FPS Sliding Isolated Bearings on the Torsion Effect of Structures

    Ma Yan, Wang Sheliang, and Liu Junsheng

Ready!Effect of Sand-Gravel Compaction Piles in Reinforcing Liquefied Foundation

    Chong Chen, Jian-Wen Wang, and Shu-Fang Jiang

Ready!Mechanical Properties Research Base on Porous Basalt

    Tang DeLan and Xiao QiaoLin

Ready!A Short Review of the Factors Influenced Lime-Clay Reactions

    Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus, Dariusz Wanatowski, Rod Stace, Aminaton Marto, Rini Asnida Abdullah, and Nordiana Mashros

Ready!Seismic Response Analysis of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall

    Gholam Moradi

Ready!The application of artificial fish swarm algorithm in the optimization of drag and torque

    Sun Tengfei, Gao Deli, Liu Shujie, Cao Yanfeng, and Zhang Hui

Ready!A Permeability Model for Changes During Shale Gas Production

    Zhang Hong-xue, Liu Wei-qun, and Zhu Li

Ready!Investigation of Geotechnical Properties of Biotite Gneiss Derived Lateritic Soil Around Amoyo, Ilorin, Southwestern Nigeria

    C. Baiyegunhi, T.L. Oloniniyi, and O.O. Ige

Ready!Capacities of Micropiles Cast in with Pressure

    Elarabi, and Abbas

Ready!Comparative Evaluation of Passenger Car Equivalent Factors for Different Vehicles at Traffic-lighted Junctions Based on Time Headway

    Saman Sadeghiyan, Seyed Rasoul Davoodi, and Seyed Farzin Faezi

Ready!Discussion of Consolidation Effect in the Destruction of Compacted Clay in Landfill Site

    Fa-xing Huang, Hai-jun Lu, Ji-xiang Li, and Rui Dai

Ready!Digital Image-Based Simulation of Ground Water Movement Through Fractured Rock Mass

    H. N. Liang, J.G. Chen, and B. Wang

Ready!Bearing Capacity of Rock-socketed Piles in Sediments

    Yifeng Wu, Zegen Wang, and Xiaoyong Jiang

Ready!Seismic Response Analysis of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Retaining Wall

    Gholam Moradi

Ready!The Effect of Reinforcement Stiffness on the Behavior of Reinforced Embankments

    Gholam Moradi

Ready!3D Finite Element Analysis of Large Span Tunneling in Muddy Stratum

    Zhang Junwei, Li Lei, Ma Xiaojie, Zeng Yi, and Qu Honglue

Ready!Variation of the Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Karst Cave Roof Under the Loading of Pile Foundation

    Shi-juan Gao, Li-chang Wang, and Wei Long

Ready!Stability Analysis of Soil Slope under Changes of Unsaturated-Saturated State

    Guo Zhan-yong and Dong Jian-jun


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