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Ready!Mechanical Properties of Soft Tailings from a Swedish Tailings Impoundment: Results from Direct Shear Tests

Ready!Analysis of Limit Caving Height and Span Length of Variable Sodium Enriched Lava based on the Tensile Strength and the Terrain Function Method

    Wenhua Chen and Meng Li

Ready!The Characteristic of Surrounding Rock Mass Structure and the Establishment of Hydrogeological Conceptual Model

    Pan HaiZe, Chen MengJie, and Qin Rong

Ready!Combination of Point Safety Factor and Nonlinear Criterion in Slope Stability Analysis

    Xiaojin Chen, Siyu Pang, and Qunyi Liu

Ready!Comparative Study between the Cost of Compliance to Law and Penalties Applicable in Excavation and Foundation of a Multifamily Residential Work

    Mayara Eing Orben , Rodrigo Eduardo Catai, Cezar Augusto Romano, and André Nagalli

Ready!Numerical Simulation of Reinforcement Effect of Herbaceous Plant Roots on Shallow Slope

    Xu Bing, and Yu Xiaojuan

Ready!Analysis of a Steel Sheet Pile Cofferdam by Converse Construction Method

    Hongbin Zhang, Guanfeng An, Tianjun Liu, and Guoxiang Zhang

Ready!The Settlement of Soft Soil Caused by Tunneling in Presence of Flow

    N. El Houari and M. A. Allal

Ready!Study and Practice on Combined Support Technology of Bolt Wire Cable for Roadway of Complex Soft Roof

    Wang Xufeng, Qin Dongdong, and Zhang Shenglong

Ready!A Genetic Algorithm for parameter Inversion of Integrated Pile in Dynamic Testing

    Jian-gong Chen, Ting-qiang Zhou, Ri-cheng Hu, and Heng-yin Tian

Ready!Experimental Study of Ice Thermal Storage on Coal Mine Refuge Chamber with COMSOL
    Honghong Zhao and Shuguang Jiang, Menglu Miao, Weiqing Zhang

Ready!Research Review on Landslide Monitoring Technology at Home and Abroad

    Feng zhen-yang, Liu dong-yan, and Zhu zhen-wei

Ready!Ultrasonic Test in Asphalt Concrete under Freeze-thaw and Corrosion Action

    Wu Jinrong, Qin Kai, and Ma Dongdong

Ready!Macroscopic Rules and Application on Bingham Fluid Flowing in the Random Fracture Network

    Hailong Li, Haibo Bai, and Cheng Yang

Ready!Evaluation of Relative Mining Intensity in Western China Based on Interval Analytic Hierarchy Process

    Zhang Nong, Pan Dong-jiang, Zhao Yi-ming, Li Chong-mao, and Wu Hai

Ready!Influence of Metal Ions on the Liquid-Plastic Limit of Clay

    Hui Xu and Wankui Bu

Ready!Study of Fast Grain Size Analysis Method

    Mamba Mpele, Mpon Xavier, and Kenmogne Botchoueng Laura

Ready!Coal and Gas Outburst Prevention Technology of Drifting Near a Coal Seam

    Yun Baoju, Chen Mingyi, Zhang Rong, Guo Haijun, and Yang Quanlin

Ready!Fluid-Solid Coupling Analysis of the Factors for Refracturing Reorientation

    Guo Jian-chun, Yuan Shu-hang, and Deng Yan

Ready!Collapse and Landslide Hazard Characteristic along Railway Line in Chengdu-Lanzhou of China

    Dongliang He

Ready!Centrifugal Model Test of Failure Mode and Addition Stress Distribution of a Soft Foundation with an Upper Crust

    Junhui Zhang, Yongsheng Yao, Jianlong Zheng, and Chiqing Zhou

Ready!Experimental Study of Rock-Like Materials with Pre-Cracks under Biaxial Compression

    Wan Wen, Zhao Yan-lin, and Wang Min

Ready!Mechanical Properties of Bedded Rock Salt

    Zhao Yan-Lin and Wan Wen

Ready!Experimental Study on Karst Roadbed of Expressway Reinforced by Root Piles

    Yuchao Xia, Dongyan Liu, Yuming Lu, Xiaofeng Tuo, and Jie Shen

Ready!Thermal Properties of Paraffin/ SiO2 Composite Phase Change Materials

    Zhenshuang Wang

Ready!The Optimal Geometric Shape of Inverted Pear-like Gas Storage Cavern in Bedded Salt Based on the Stability

    Liu Jianjun and Yu Le

Ready!Influence of Backfill Load on Existing Bridge Pier and its Technical Strategy

    Nan Xiang, Zhong-fu Xiang, Si-yang Qin, and Cheng-zhang Liu

Ready!Zonation for Soil Liquefaction Potential Assessment in Babol City, Iran

    Seyed Abolfazl Heidari, Masoud Amel-Sakhi, Mirali Mohammadi, and Zahra Soltani

Ready!Experimental Study on Application Effects of Thermal Pipes along Chai-Mu Railway

    Chou Yaling, Yang Gongqi, Li Baoan, and Sheng Yu

Ready!Unequal-interval Multivariate MGM (1, n) Model Based on Improved Background Value

    Youxin Luo, Qiyun Liu, and Xiaoyi Che

Ready!The Mechanical Responses of Sandy Soil during Isotropic Loading by Shear Wave Logging

    Pulpong Pongvithayapanu and Supot Teachavorasinskun

Ready!Effect of Soil Layering on Suction Distribution in Unsaturated Residual Soil Slope

    Gambo Haruna Yunusa, Azman Kassim, and Nurly Gofar

Ready!Effect of Content and Particle Size Distribution of Coal Gangue Coarse Aggregate on Concrete Performance

    Zhenshuang Wang

Ready!Depth Analysis for Sensitivity Pattern Section in the Electrical Resistivity using the 2D Computerized Modeling Method

    Andy A. Bery

Ready!Experimental Study of Continuous Grading Strip Mine Slag Compaction Characteristics

    Li Chong, Ma Zhanguo, He Chunchun, and Gong Peng

Ready!Compaction Property for Open-pit Mine Slag Modified with Water and Lime

    Zhanguo Ma, Peng Gong, Xiaodong Shi

Ready!Physical Simulation Test for Movement Laws of Overlying Strata in Extra-thick Coal Seam Mining

    Mengtang Xu, Wei Zhang, Zhongkui Wang, and Liping Xiao

Ready!New Confined Water Model of Landslide Considering the Combined Effect of Rainfall and Water Impoundment

    Zheng Hongchun, Deng Jianhui, Wei Jinbing, and Zheng Jun

Ready!The Effects Rule Caused by Inner Row of Bench Height to End Slope Exposed Area and Mechanical Effect

    Ning Fang, Ji Chang-sheng, Han Liu, Shu Ji-sen, and Wang Rong-hai

Ready!Particle Flow Numerical Analysis of Cohesive Soil in Direct Shear Test

    Liu Yaoyang and Dr. Wang Zegen


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