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Ready!Numerical Optimization of Stope Structural Parameters of Complex Inclined Thin Orebody in Mengnuo Lead-zinc Mine

    Yanhui Guo, Kepeng Hou, Wang Li

Ready!Propagation Characteristic for Shock Wave of Gas Explosion in a 1m3 Confined Vessel Connected to Ducts

    Gao Ke, Liu Jian, Jia Jinzhang and Liu Yujiao

Ready!Experimental and Theoretical Investigation on the Dynamic Damage Behavior of Heterogeneous Rock

    Xiao-he Xu, Jian-gong Chen and Qian Xu

Ready!Numerical Analysis the Process of Expandable Casing

    Lei Peng, Ni Hongjian and Wang Ruihe

Ready!Goaf Treatment Technique of Converting from Underground Mining to Surface Mining

    Hongge Peng, Qingxiang Cai, Li Ma and Wenliang Tang

Ready!Pressure Relief Gas Extraction in Lower Protective Layer and New Drill Borehole Sealing Technology

    Fan Yuqing, Wang Hua-Jun, Chen Shanle, Xin Chengpeng and Zhang Jingzhong

Ready!Dynamic Surface Subsidence Characteristics due to Shallow Coal Seam Mining on Small Time Scales

    Zhu Xiaojun, Guo Guangli, Zha Jianfeng and Guo Qingbiao

Ready!Research and Application of a Novel Polymer Plugging Removal Agent

    Pingli Liu, Jing Tang, Nianyin Li and Liqiang Zhao

Ready!Effect of Faults on In-situ Stress State in an Open-pit Mine

    Wenhui Tan, P.H.S.W. Kulatilake, Hongbao Sun, and Zhonghua Sun

Ready!Study on Blasting Vibration in Neighborhood Tunnel Construction

    Wu Ming-sheng, Yuan Ping, Liu Yong-biao and Yi Li-yun

Ready!Effect of Moisture on the Strength of Soil from Crocker Formation in Tamparuli, Sabah, Malaysia

    Mohamed Ali Yusof Mohd Husin, Hennie Fitria Wulandary and Baba Musta

Ready!Dynamic Characteristics of Compacted Coarse-grained Soil Filling in Heavy Haul Railway Subgrade

    Wuming Leng, Wenjie Liu, Chunyan Zhao, Wenquan Zhou and Qi Yang

Ready!Analysis and Countermeasures on the Risks in the Construction of Metro Shield Tunnel

    Liu Wen-jun and Fu He-lin

Ready!Influencing Factors of Shear Stress Distribution in Anchoring Interface

    Kun Zhao and Chun-an You

Ready!City Gas Pipeline Burst Analysis Based on MapXtreme

    Xiao Guo-qing, Huang Han-feng and Dou Zi-yuan

Ready!Classification of Rock Mass Blastability Based on Set Pair Analysis

    Zhanying Ren, Shuangshuang Xiao, Kemin Li, and Xiaohua Ding

Ready!The Influence of Particle Sorting on the Atterberg Limits of Dredged Slurries in Storage Yard

    Guizhong Xu, Bin Xu, Zhaoqing Qiu and Li Liu

Ready!Anchor-Net-Injection-Shotcrete Support Technology

    Jimeng Liang, Liqiang Ma and Zhiyuan Jin

Ready!Numerical Analysis Unsaturated Seepage of Loess Slope

    Yan Yu, Guoqiang Ou, Jun Wang and Cheng Qiao

Ready!Analysis of Different Loads Affecting the Urban Railway Tunnel Systems of Cairo Metro underneath the River Nile

    Hamdy H.A. Abd-el.rahim, Mahmoud Enieb, Ahmed Abdelmoamen Khalil, and Abdou SH. Ahmed

Ready!Influence of Post-Construction Rebound on Segment Opening in Pipe Jacking

    Gao Zhenyu, Mo Haihong and Zhang Hongbin

Ready!Stress State of an Elastic Rectangle With a Central Crack and Inclusions at Antiplane Deformation

    Ali Golsoorat Pahlaviani

Ready!Experimental study on complex wetting agent enhancing the dusting effect and its application

    Kai Wang, Shuguang Jiang, Zhengyan Wu, Hao Shao and Xiaodong Pei

Ready!Optimized Research on the Excavation Footage Cycle in Clay Strata Tunnel

    Gao Shi-Ming, Chen Jian-Ping, Tang Xia Wang and Shuang-Chao

Ready!Numerical simulation of naturally fractured gas reservoirs in Kuqa

    Yan Chen, Fuxiang Zhang, Xiangtong Yang and Xinnian Niu

Ready!Effects of Stope Spans on the Roof Stability in Open-stoping Inclined, Thin and Broken Orebodies

    Yanhui Guo, Kepeng Hou, Zhiquan Yang and Bajiu Yang

Ready!Settlement Prediction of Soil at Closed Dumping Area using Power Creep Function and Simulated by Monte Carlo Simulation Method

    Nur Irfah Mohd Pauzi, Husaini Omar, Halina Misran, Siti Zubaidah Othman, and Abreeza Manap

Ready!An Investigation on Interface Shear Strength Between PFA-Concrete and Soft Clay Using Large Shear Box Test

    Nazaruddin A.T., Shakri M.S., Zainab Mohamed, Hafez M.A. and Adnan M.A.

Ready!The Land Subsidence and Building Deformation during the Excavation Process of the Deep Foundation Pit

    Dapeng Zhu, Liangkai Qin, Yundian Lin, and Renke Tian

Ready!Temperature-Stress Coupling Numerical Study on Mechanics Effect of Cold-Regions Tunnel Considering Construction Process

    Jin-xing Lai, Chong-chong Tian, Chun-xia Guo, and Ke Wang

Ready!Experimental Determination of Characteristic Curves of Soils belonging to a Hillside in the Metropolitan Region of Recife/Brazil

    Kalinny Patrícia Vaz Lafayette, Diogo Henrique Fernandes da Paz, Jonas da Silva Bezerra, and Roberto Quental Coutinho


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