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Ready!Mapping Leachate Flow Using 2-DERT at Gampong Jawa Dumpsite Area, Banda Aceh (Indonesia)

    Muhammad Syukri and Rosli Saad

Ready!A Method for Debris Flows Hazard Assessment–A Case Study in Shenxi Gully

    Yan Yu, Guoqiang Ou, Jun Wang, and Cheng Qiao

Ready!Applications of Numerical Simulation in Fault Recognition during Dissolving Mining for Gas Storage Caverns

    Huiyong Song and Jianjun Li

Ready!Utilization of the Infrared Thermography for the Verification of the Ceramic Coating Detachment

    Diego José Araujo Viégas, Yêda Vieira Póvoas, Frederico José Barros Santos, and João Ribeiro de Carvalho

Ready!Dynamic Soil Properties Study Using Seismic Down-hole Geophysical Method

    Rosli Saad and Edy Tonnizam Mohamad

Ready!A Comparative Study on Surface Subsidence Dynamic Forecast Models of Gangue Backfilling Mining

    Qingbiao Guo, Guangli Guo, Longhao Chen, and Yaqiang Gong

Ready!Study on Microstructure of Muddy Intercalation Using SEM Method

    Yongxiang Zheng, Jianjun Liu, Qijun Hu, and Qijie Cai

Ready!Physical Behavior of Clay Mixed With Stabilizers on Linear Shrinkage for Making Compressed Soil Blocks: A Case Study Using Mangu Soil

    Aimé Jules Fopossi, Raphael Ndisya Mutuku, and François Ngapgue

Ready!Influence of Calcined Gypsum Residue in the Heat of Hydration of the Plaster

    Yêda Vieira Póvoas, Andréa Correia de Araújo Soares Ribeiro, and Diego José Araujo Viégas

Ready!Study on Dynamic Distribution of “Three Zones” at Fully Mechanized Face with Thick Coal Seam and Composite Roof

    Yuanyuan Pu

Ready!Optimization of Coal Pillar Width in Shallow Seam with Soft Roof

    Xuesheng Liu, Jianguo Ning, Yunliang Tan, Chenlin Tian, and Jun Wang

Ready!Analysis of Influence Factors about Gas Dynamic Disaster in Northwest Wing of Kaiping Syncline

    Qi Li-ming, Ge Xu-bin, and Zhao Rong

Ready!Strength Characteristics of Lead and Hydrocarbon Contaminated Lateritic Soils Stabilized with Lime-Rice Husk Ash

    Ojuri, Oluwapelumi O, and Oluwatuyi, Opeyemi E

Ready!Peak Particle Velocity and Principal Frequency Prediction Based on RS-FNN Comprehension Method for Blasting Vibration

    Qing Yuan, Li Wu, Qingjun Zuo, and Bo Li

Ready!Measured Stress Analysis of Supporting Structure under Different Excavation Steps in Deep Foundation Pit

    Dapeng Zhu, Liangkai Qin, Yundian Lin, and Honglue Qu

Ready!Rock Mass with Random Joint Fissure and its Fractal Dimension Measuring

    Min Wang, Ping Cao, Wen Wan, and Yan-Lin Zhao

Ready!Foundation and Embankment Construction in Peat: An Overview

    Aminu Ibrahim, Bujang B.K. Huat, Afshin Asadi, and Haslinda Nahazanan

Ready!Ecological Governance Research on Suburban Abandoned Land of Malm Mining Based on the Concept of Cost-effectiveness

    Yichuan Zhang, Jiangping Wang, and Lifang Qiao

Ready!An Edge Detection Method for UAV Image Based on Minimum Cross-Entropy and Simplified PCNN

    Yongming Yang, Yuanmin Fang, and Liang Huang

Ready!Support Mechanism of Short, Thin and Dense Bolts Anchored in Full Length to Soft-Rock Roadway

    Li Chong, Cao Yue, Ma Zhan-guo, Cheng Zheng-min, and Zhang Yan-kun

Ready!The Coefficient of Hole-Spacing in Tunnel Smooth Blasting

    Gao Shi-ming, Chen Jian-ping, Tang Xia, and Wang Shuang-chao

Ready!Genetic Programming Model Combined with Rough Set Theory and Its Application in Forecasting

    Zhang Guangcun, Yang Zhiqiang, Dr. Gao Qian, Zhai Shuhua, and Li Maohui

Ready!Dynamic Response of Seabed Around Submarine Pipeline Subjected to The Combination of Seismic and Wave Actions

    X.L. Zhang and Y. Han

Ready!Grey Entropy Quantum-behaved Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization Based on High-dimension Multi-objective Optimization Design of Mixed Discrete Variables

    Luo Youxin, Che Xiaoyi, and Wang Chao

Ready!Assessment of Seismic Landslide Hazards based on Evidence Theory and Entropy Weight Grey Incidence

    Jialiang Li, Donghui Ma, and Wei Wang

Ready!Optimization Design for Pile Layouts of Double-row Piles

    Li Yayong, Jin Xiaoguang, Deng Yihu, and Zheng Qianghua

Ready!The Geotechnical Slope Sliding’s Dynamic Monitoring Technology of Cofferdam Construction

    Zheng Jingyun, Xiao Sanxia, Jiang Guoping, and Xia Pinghua

Ready!Application of Two-Dimensional Resistivity Imaging to Investigate Sand Deposits

    Thanop Thitimakorn, Narongsak Rachukarn, and Sunthorn Pumjan

Ready!Undrained Shear Strength Behavior of Dredged Slurry Occurring Grain Sorting

    Guizhong Xu, Jie Zhu, Wei Xu, Bing Zhou, and Zichao Wang

Ready!Application of Nano Technologies in Natural Environment and Geotechnical Engineering

    Shahriar Khosravan, Hamed Niroumand, and Khairul Anuar Kassim

Ready!Stability Analysis and Design of Open-Pit Mine Slope in China: A review

    Zhiqiang Yang, Qian Gao, Mao-hui Li, and Guangcun Zhang

Ready!Survey of Measurement-While-Drilling Technology for Small-diameter Drilling Machines

    Zhantao Li, Ken-ichi Itakura, and Yongzheng Ma

Ready!Strength Characteristics of Sludge-MSW Mixed Land filling and Numerical Simulation of Mixture Land filled Slope

    Yu Xiaojuan and Jia Cheng

Ready!Nonlinear Vibration of Prestressed Self-balanced Cable Truss in Point-supported Glass Curtain Wall under Foundation Displacement Excitation

    Yang Lijun, Han Le, Chen Kong, and Liu Shaobin

Ready!Numerical Simulation for Coal Seam Stress Change Rule in the Close Protective Seam

    Gao Zhi-yang and Yuan Dong sheng

Ready!Numerical Simulation Study on Permeability Properties of Coal Seam during High Pressure Water Injection Process

    Yanbin Yu, Weimin Cheng and Gang Zhou


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